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FS2Crew stops giving audio after sometime

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I have FS2Crew for PMDG 777 aircraft and I have a bit of a problem with the software. Every time I run it, it stops in the random phase of flight. Stops as in it:

1) Does not recognize my voice inputs.

2) No Audio out of the software. No Departure Briefing sound or PA sound or Ground staff sound to disconnect GPU and Air.

It does perform the flows like pre-flight flow and all others. However, I cannot run the checklist as it wont recognize my voice. 


Here is the steps I took:

A. Checked the Volume of my comp and the audio device.

B. Checked the config of the software for audio device.

C. Re-installed the software.


This basically happens at any random stage of flight. Once, I just heard "Good morning Captain! How are you today?" after that, nothing.


Please help!

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This would be best posted in the Commercial Support forum for FS2Crew.  I can't move this post there because it is a Commercial forum and not user to user.

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