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I decided to buy a 2TB Samsung SSD USB drive for my current set of sims, P3DV4 and Xplane11, so I can add more photo coverage to my flying experience via MSE or Ortho4XP.  In preparation for resuming my flight lessons, now that I have recovered from and been compensated for my accident, I want to exploit the sims I have to their fullest and fastest potential.  An SSD drive will mean faster scenery loading times, I will put the scenery on the SSD drive but keep the sims where they are.  It is better than throwing away the computer I have had for two years now and replacing it with another, until Microsoft 2020 comes out that decision might change, but I prefer to sim in the here and now and enjoy my simple, satisfying setup. 

I do not know whether this is a hardware post or simming post, I feel it is about both, just about enjoying the one hobby in the world that hurts no one, except for our significant others such as our cats, dogs, wives or husbands or gerbils I guess, who want us to give them more attention than our hobby.  Thankfully my significant other is a female cat, who I call Rosie the riveter, because she just curls up right seat to my simming area when I sim, occasionally she will reach out with her yiddle paw and touch me, just to let me know I have a feline copilot that wants to walk away safely from my sim landings......



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Can your motherboard accept an M.2 nvme SSD?  Those are super fast!  I would consider a 1TB for the sims and then a "regular" Samsung 860 Evo for Ortho....I just bought a 1 TB on Amazon for 138 bucks.

|Ryan Butterworth|

| i7 4790K@4.4GHz | 32GB RAM | EVGA GTX 1080Ti | ASUS Z97-Pro | 1TB 860 Evo | 500GB 840 Evo Win10 Pro | 1TB Samsung 7200rpm | Seasonic X750W |



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