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Saitek Pro Flight Yoke Windows Feature Update issues

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I have the Saitek Pro Flight Yoke, extra throttle quadrant, and rudder pedals. I have come to realize that with each Windows 10 feature update, most recently going to 1903, that after the update the Yoke is non functional. I discover  by looking at the Device Manager that the Yoke is not recognized, and there is a message to reinstall the driver. Interestingly though the rudder pedals and extra throttle quadrant show up on the list and in fact work fine in the simulator.

Reinstalling the Flight Yoke driver is a torture, as the install always hangs at the point where one would plug in the USB for the yoke, and I have to rediscover the arcane manner in which to successfully reinstall it. Then everything works fine.

I wonder why this one  driver of all that I have gets uninstalled. During the update process I always unplug the USB cable to the Saitek units. I was told that to minimize update problems, one should unplug as many USB devices as possible. Does anyone know if unplugging the Saitek USB cable prior to initiating the update process is causing the Yoke driver to become uninstalled and become non functional? if so why this one driver?


I might add that since Logitech took over Saitek finding Saitek support information is also challenging and frustrating procedure on Logitech website.




Greg Clark

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