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747-400 ND not lining up

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Since change of graphics card and driver the track line on the ND does not follow the set track .

The AC is flying the saved route but the ND shows a heading 20 degrees or so to the left of the track actually

being flown. Do I need a reinstall.?

PMDG 747-400 on FS9

David Ireland (UK)

David Ireland (UK)

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I had this problem for quite a while and the only way I fixed it was a bit clumsy... but it worked.

Download the updated Magdec data (here).

Rename the original magdec.bgl file to something not ending in bgl (e.g. magdec.orig)

Copy the new magdec.bgl file (from the zip archive) to [FS directory]\Scenery\BASE\Scenery

Create another directory in your addon scenery directory (something like MagDec), make another scenery directory below that and copy the magdec.bgl file from the zip archive into it.

Then add the MagDec directory (you just created) to FS9 scenery but as the highest (most important) priority. I use Scenery Config editor (here) but any method will do.

For me, this fixed that issue, I never really figured out why though.



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