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PBR and Tomatoshade for P3D4.5

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Thought I’d post in here for fear or being shot at over in the PMDG forums.

I would like to shine up my VC textures possibly using tomatoshade.

PMDG have done a great job with PBR on the exterior surface but I assume the cockpit hasn’t been done yet.

Has anyone managed to shine up the VC textures in the 747-4/8 using tomatoshade. (I found 777/737 profiles for p3dv4.4 so not sure they work with 4.5)

I use tomatoshade for environmental tweaking but not reflections.

Is there a performance hit by up-ing VC reflections with tomatoshade?

I have the Maddog 82/83 which has PBR VC but even then its not so noticeable using a VR headset.

Can tomatoshade be used to tweak reflections or dashboard paint shine.




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