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STAR and final approach combination

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Hi Alex,

WIII to VTBS J route, STAR LEBI3D, approach BS488-Z.

I honestly don't know what happens in real life with this pattern, but I imagine the zigzag is not valid. (after removing the dup).

In the FMC I can remove the VTBS waypoint and connect ENKAA to LONNY making it a logic pattern. Tried to do that in the tool, but it won't allow manipulating the STAR points. 

Is this something you think you can add in the future ?





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Hi Doron,

the joy of procedures.:sad:

Interesting case here. Normally I should change LNM to display no line at all for these manual legs. Currently I take course and distance from the manual leg and display the endpoint according to these values.

I added this to my "collection" here: https://github.com/albar965/littlenavmap/issues/406

Note that the procedure stuff was one of the most complicated tasks in LNM because of the endless leg combinations and I'm just happy that more than 95 percent display correctly.

I keep fixing it gradually.


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