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When connecting to online servers using X-Plane with Swift, I do not see the other player's aircraft in LNM

  • I connect with "Fetch AI or multiplayer aircraft"
  • I enable the option "Show AI and multiplayer aircraft"
  • I do see my own plane (in yellow)
  • I do see the X-Plane AI aircraft (in orange)
  • I do see the multiplayer information from the Whazzup file (in Red)
  • But I don't see the multiplayer aircraft, which should be in White.

And, I do see the multiplayer aircraft in the X-Plane environment (looking out the window), as well as on the Swift Radar view.

What could be wrong here?



Emile van Gerwen.

Emile van Gerwen.

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Hi Emile,

sorry, this is a know limitation in X-Plane and affects AI traffic programs too.

LNM can only see aircraft in X-Plane if the datarefs for AI are populated by the program which is apparently not done by Swift. What you see in the simulator are simply moving 3D objects which LNM cannot recognize as much as it cannot recognize road vehicles or trees.

Some programs provide interfaces to access their aircraft data but I cannot write special code for all the different interfaces. I might provide support for some programs in the future but I have no idea when.


BTW: The aircraft are not white anymore. I changed the color to a sort of dark orange because people complained about bad visibility.

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