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  1. Maybe obvious, but make sure you don't enable Developer Mode during the flight because that will prevent logging hours (on purpose).
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. My father had the same issue, in fact he pointed it out to me, so something is going on here 😉
  3. Hi, In noticed in 2.6.0 beta that the heading of legs on the map display are gone. Now it only shows distance. Is there a way to display the magnetic heading again? I'm sure it was there in previous versions as I used it a lot. Thanks! -Emile.
  4. Hi, When connecting to online servers using X-Plane with Swift, I do not see the other player's aircraft in LNM I connect with "Fetch AI or multiplayer aircraft" I enable the option "Show AI and multiplayer aircraft" I do see my own plane (in yellow) I do see the X-Plane AI aircraft (in orange) I do see the multiplayer information from the Whazzup file (in Red) But I don't see the multiplayer aircraft, which should be in White. And, I do see the multiplayer aircraft in the X-Plane environment (looking out the window), as well as on the Swift Radar view. What could be wrong here? Thanks! Emile van Gerwen.
  5. For others having the same issue: I found a solution to not set a value directly but to emulate a mouse click: MOUSE_FLAG_LEFTSINGLE = 0x20000000 # mouse click from PMDG SDK ipc.control(70095, MOUSE_FLAG_LEFTSINGLE) This is not showing the on-screen button pressed and released the same as the physical button but clicking the physical button presses and releases the on-screen button, just as it would at mouse click. Emile van Gerwen.
  6. Thanks for your response. In this case, you can see in the Virtual Cockpit that the button is pressed and keeps being down if I send it the "1" parameter. Furthermore, it is not possible to "press" it again by sending it another "1" so it looks like I really need it to "release" again. This does happen when I send it a "-1", but, and that is my problem, that triggers the function again. Regards, Emile van Gerwen,
  7. When using the SDK to control the 737NGX I experience strange behavior when controlling the MFD buttons such as EVT_MPM_MFD_ENG_BUTTON and EVT_MPM_MFD_SYS_BUTTON. When I send a control with parameter 1 the button gets pressed and the MFD changes, but when I send a parameter -1, the button is released but the function is activated again, resulting in another change in MFD. How should I properly release the button press without activating the function again? Thanks! Emile van Gerwen. (737NGX on P3D v2.5)
  8. No, that if you crash your plane ends up in 64 bits.
  9. SimBrief now support generating Majestic Q400 fpr files but I don't know how to load them into the FMS. Anyone? Thanks, -Emile.
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