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Are these " bug(s)" present in the retail version?

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I finally decided to give the latest demo a whirl (was planning to wait for the final release, but just couldn't...), anyway I noticed two immediate problems. 1. When going from full-screen mode to windowed mode back to full-screen, the GPS and throttle quadrant windows re-sized back to the orginal dimensions on my second monitor, after I had drug them to the size I desired.2. When I went to the controller options and changed sensitivity settings for my Pro Pedals, the engines in the Lear shutdown re-entering the sim and I had to ctrl/F4 to enrich the fuel to get them going again.Are these bugs?? Anyone know if these problems exist in the final, retail version? Sure hope not. ThanksRegards,KendallDell 8400 3.2 GHZ H.T.800 FSB/2MB L22 GB 533 DDR2X800XT 256MB/Cat.5.13's6x Adaptive AA/16x HQ A/FIntegrated SoundDual Monitor: Dell 2405/1905CH Yoke/Pedals

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