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FSX Weather revert?

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It looks like FSXWX has been having some serious problems lately (it went down, then some people said it was back up, then it went down again--or stayed down for me, I don't know which--and now their website, and its instructions for installation/uninstallation, are down).

Here's the problem:  I decided to revert to FSX's default weather files so they'd hopefully be more FSRealWX friendly (I'd saved a backup copy of the entire Weather folder before installing the FSXWX files over them, so I just copied that entire backup folder over the Weather folder, telling it to overwrite the 402 conflicts).  I couldn't remember exactly which files I had to revert, and FSXWX's website wasn't there to remind me which ones I'd replaced, so I just replaced all of them.

I also deleted the wxstationlist.bin file in the AppData/Roaming/Microsoft/FSX folder, hoping it would rebuild it like I think it did last time (I did save a backup).  I then started FSX, and the stations were gone.  I tried copying the old wxstationlist.bin back into the AppData folder, but that didn't change anything back.  I did manage at one point to revert all of the files to their original state (I think) because it did start showing the weather stations in their original positions instead of the FSXWX grid positions, but then when I started FSRealWX, the sim immediately crashed to desktop.

Any idea how to fix my apparently-messed-up reversion to the original FSX weather file system?  Are there any other locations on the computer that I should be looking, which I would know about *IF ONLY THE ENTIRE FSXWX WEBSITE WEREN'T DOWN*?

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