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4K Textures in P3D on a 2560x1440 Resolution Monitor

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Hi everyone,

I just completed a major upgrade to my computer system.  I'm running a GeForce TRX 2060 EVGA card on a ASUS monitor with a resolution of 2560 x 1440.  I also have a i9900K processor and Z390 MB with 32G RAM.  

Question...  In P3D there is an option to run 4K textures.  With my current monitor, which is also my desktop work monitor, can I really see 4K textures, and is it worth selecting 4K textures as an option.  Am I better off selecting 2K textures. 

I have a 32" WS monitor.  I need it for the other 66% of the work I do that's not FS related. 

Thanks for your help!

Rich Boll

Richard Boll

Wichita, KS

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Don't confuse 4k textures and 4k resolution - they're not the same. Look here for an explanation: https://tay.kinja.com/screen-resolution-vs-texture-resolution-a-point-wort-1786369820

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