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FSX and Megascenery and other FS9 addons

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I did a quick and dirty test of adding a few of my FS9 addons to FSX.1. Megascenery Hawaii. I just tested Hawaii in FSX as is. FSX without any adjustments or tweeks in the cfg.. I just had almost all the sliders to 80% to the right.IT works pretty much like in FS9. And surprisingly no FPS hit attributable to megascenery. Thats good.There were pop up textures here and there I didn't have in my old machine running FS9 while flying at 110kts. I then flew a plane at 550kts to see how bad the blurries would be... surprisingly no blurries. The poping up of textures or mesh was the same. I have to see what adjustments I need to make for this. This was not any comprehensive test... just a qucik test. If they put out a 1mt texture for this.. it would be amazing.The only thing I really wished to have seperated the autogens for trees from the buildings. I can turn down the building autogens in a heartbeat for photo sceneries, but then I lose the trees with it.2. I also loaded the Flight scenery Portland. :) It was there 98%. Some of the runways got overlaid by the default rwys. and when you get down on the groundm there were some small issues... but the it was nice to see more automobiles in the flight scenery portland sceneries.3. Fly Tampa's SFO. Oh yeah.... It worked for the most part, then I flew around the SFO Golden gate bridge... and the FSX autogens and texture are really amazing near the golden gate. Comparing this to the megascity san francisco, this one beats it handsdown at close range. I think, a good combination of phototextures and autogens is going to be the clear winner. I know of two vendors who seem to be doing this. Flight scnery and Aerosoft (German scnery series). Need to find if there are other vendors out there... They have a winning combination.MannySystem tested:Core 2 Duo OCed to 3.3Ghz,2 Gig Corsair RAMnVidia 7600GT 256MG Video card

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