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208B G1000 Realism Update + GTN750 Mod Package

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Hello everyone! Many of you are using the GTN750 merge I created a couple of years ago and this package expands on that. While I'm not an expert at XML gauge programming, I was able to accomplish most of what I set out to do -which was create a huge realism boost to the Carenado Grand Caravan EX. I fly a 2017 Grand Caravan EX "in the real world" and these modifications are based on the training and experience I have had while flying it. Of course, not everything can be replicated with 100% fidelity in the sim for various reasons, but the goal of my modifications are to address several major things that I found needed tweaking. Please drop me a PM if you would like a copy and if you are an XML programming expert and would like to help, I'd definitely appreciate the assistance for the next version of this mod package! 😉


Change Log:
v1.0 | 22 May, 2020

L/R P/S HEAT CAS message - Fixed incorrect behavior: Warning showed when P/S heat was turned off. This warning should be present in abnormal situations only. Disabled CAS message.

FUEL BOOST ON CAS message - Fixed incorrect behavior: Warning appearing when the fuel boost is in the NORM *and* ON positions. Should only be present when in the ON position but the three way switch is not coded as separate events. Disabled CAS message.

PROP DE-ICE CAS message - Fixed incorrect behavior: Warning showing when anti-ice turned off and required anti-ice to be turned on to clear the CAS message. In TKS-equipped Grand Caravan EX aircraft the propeller deice is tied to the TKS operation, not a separate prop-deice switch. Disabled CAS message.

ENG ANTI ICE CAS message - Fixed incorrect behavior: Warning showing at all times. Disabled CAS message.

IGNITION ON CAS message - Corrected default behavior that was tied to engine RPM. Now, CAS indication will correctly show when ignition is ON but not when in NORM.

Added LPV Deviation Indicator - For flying coupled GPS approaches using the GTN750, glidepath indications will now show on the PFD. Thanks to Bert and Jorge for the work they've done on this in other Carenado aircraft.

Enabled autopilot FLC mode. You can now set the desired airspeed for climbs/descents in FLC mode.

Fixed Power / Battery Switch Logic
This has been changed to reflect RW operations. Added Tiebus #2 (Avionics switch 2) and switch logic:
- Battery turns on ADF only
- Avionics 1 turns on left PFD (note: the MFD-embedded GTN750 will turn on with AVN1 as well as there's no way to adjust its power logic)
- Avionics 2 turns on MFD and right PFD

If the engine is running (i.e. adequate, non-battery only power is being supplied) and the GTN750 does not boot, turn off Avionics 1 & 2 and the battery switch. Then turn on the battery, AVN1, AVN2 in that order. This seems to be a common issue with the Carenado planes I've flown with a merged GTN750.

Reversionary Mode updated - Previously, the PFDs were showing the reversionary mode EIS at all times. This has been disabled - However, for engine start with Avionics 1 only on (which is per the checklist), you will need to manually enable reversionary mode by pressing the red button between the left PFD and MFD. Then, manually disable it once the engine is stabilized and AVN2 is powered.

Other Updates:

  • Max torque redline adjusted to 2397 ft. lbs (from 2400)
  • Standby Torque Gauge graphic fixed - The original aircraft uses the standby torque gauge graphic from the PT6A-114A Caravan which has a lower max TQE limitation. Updated the graphic to reflect the PT6A-140's 2,397 ft. lbs max TQE.
  • Autopilot Disconnect sound updated from real G1000 autopilot disconnect recording.


PM me for a copy. Thanks!

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Trevor Bair

CMEL+IR | PA32R-301T & C208B
My Real World Travels

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