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New Old Guy in Alaska

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Howdy from Peters Creek, Alaska...just about three miles from PABV.  I'm pushing 60, married to my hair dresser and power shopping partner and I'm a personal assistant to one cat.  By day, I'm an Administrative Officer with the FAA and before this whole work-from-home thing started, my office was located at PANC, in the ATCT/TRACON (ANC/A11).  Maybe "was" isn't the right word.  My office is still there...I think...but I haven't seen it since the end of February.  So for all I know, mom and dad may have rented my room out.

My casual sim experience goes back to the mid-1990s but I haven't been all that active for a good while...just a session here and there.  Then along came FS2020 and I got excited again.  I installed it last night—after the slowest download since 14.4 KBps dial up!—but I haven't had a chance to get into for more than a peek with a joystick.  Looking forward to connecting the flight controls and wringing them out.  I can't wait to see my usual sim destinations in the new environment.

I guess that'll do for now.  I have some forum cruising to do.

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Brett — Peters Creek, AK
System:  MS FS2020; Windows 10 Pro 64-bit; i7‐4770 4c/8t 3.4 GHz; ASUS Z87‐PRO MB; Corsair Vengeance 16 GB DDR3 1600 MHz RAM; MSI GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB; SAMSUNG 840 EVO 500GB dedicated SSD;
Saitek (OG) Pro Flight yoke, pedals, throttle quadrant, and panels (TPM, switch, multifunction, com); TrackIR 5

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Hi Brett!

Welcome to AVSIM. Enjoy your stay. There's certainly a LOT of forum cruising to be done thanks to the new release! :biggrin::cool:

Perhaps go and wring out your controls then cruise the forum after you've had another flight - that might narrow down the forum cruise; you may have figured something out whilst enjoying the sim - a win-win situation!🍻

I really should practice more than what I preach and go fly... in FSX:SE (do what you can with what you have)....

Mark Robinson

Part-time Ferroequinologist

Author of FLIGHT: A near-future short story (ebook available on amazon)

I made the baby cry - A2A Simulations L-049 Constellation

Sky Simulations MD-11 V2.2 Pilot. The best "lite" MD-11 money can buy (well, it's not freeware!)

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