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Rig, 2 cameras for stereo pictures ?

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Do you know any addon / mod that allows two cameras on a rig, to be able to shoot stereo videos or pictures ?
This would be fantastic !

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We can use Fs 2020 to get nice stereoscopic pictures.


If you do not have any 3D monitor, you can use anaglyph glasses to watch your 3 D vision photos.



All we need is  1 left eye picture and one right eye picture that will be mounted together later.
Remember 10% among us are unable to feel the 3D vision !

You already know the basics of Fs 2020 ? let's start !

1 Prepare your flight
You can use your favourite program. Here is an example with Little Navmap



2 Prepare Fs 2020

Load your flight plan
Set day, time, weather ...


Click "Fly" and "Ready to fly" when ready!
Do not take off, be sure VFR map is active.

Press Y (Slew mode) and travel to your waypoint using your numpad.
Press Y (camera mode) and Pause (Active pause, not std pause) and right after, Your plane should not move a lot if you are fast enough.
Press Y again (Slew mode) to be able to move your plane.
Choose the best place for your stereo picture and lower the airplane (F1) to get the ground altitude. (157 feet in my case)
Move your plane at (ground altitude + 2000 feet) using F3 key.
Important, you can add more or less ... less will add 3D effect, plus will lower 3D effect.

Press Y again, (camera mode) choose  "drone" in Showccase camera options.
Remove your drone from the picture (S key should be enough )
Remove Vfr map, and other windows like my camera Window, for your left eye picture.
Esc key for Options, to remove waypoints from your screen (Poi markers in the Assistance option window...) Apply and save....
Esc , back to your screen.
Check you are using the full screen mode (Alt Enter to switch this mode)
Adjust the angle, the pitch, etc ...

You should only see your " 1st left picture" :


Save your left picture (print screen key, or use any 3rd screenshot app. )

Press Y (Slew mode) and numpad 4 to move the plane. Be careful, do not keep numpad 4 key pressed, plane would move much  too far.
Press Y (camera mode) to shoot your right image and save it.

You can now mount your 3D picture to check everything is Ok, go back to Fs 2020 and adjust plane position for another left right shot.


Easy, is not it !

It would be easier if we could change numpad 4 distance movment as distance from left<->right camera depends on distance from the object.
In Fs, I do not know how to change this setting, this is why I add 2000 feet to ground, otherwise stereo effect is not good !

I tried to write my best English, but as you know, French people and foreign languages ...



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