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Just a question about FeelThere and Wilco Pub

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I have recently purchased the Feelthere PIC 737 3/4/500 plane(download option) and I recieved a paypal statement, well stating(lol) that they have recieved there payment of what ever it cost, I checked my bank account and sure enough the money was gone. Is it just me or is it that online transactions should be instant? It has been 2 days and I have only recieved a email stating that my payment is in pending mode what ever that means when i know the money is gone. Maybe I am spoiled by the Flight1 Ecommerce wrapper thingy and its simplicity but I know they are not taking 2 days to convert US dollars to Euro's lol. Has anyone had a similar slow experience with the Wilco Publishing company? or is this standard procedure or what? I might be impatiant but I can not wait to get my head around that b-e-a-utiful plane and all its functions :-)No this is not a bash on Wilco pub as I love there products and have a few but it seems that in a 24/7 internet age this stuff has been worked out and should be instant. Heck PMDG practically sent the email to me the second I ordered there 737-600/700. I just have come to expect instant service, like at work, the plane pulls into the gate and we are instantly on it unloading it. Am I asking to much?

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Both of mine were instantaneous (I caved in and bought the 300, then the 400/500 after), but several people's have been a little slow. Another thing, if you have a junk filter, check the box it dumps it into before deleting it. Some have had it get caught by the filter.----------------------------------------------------------------John MorganReal World: KGEG, UND Aerospace Spokane Satillite, Private ASEL 141.2 hrs, 314 landings, 46 inst. apprs.Virtual: MSFS 2004"There is a feeling about an airport that no other piece of ground can have. No matter what the name of the country on whose land it lies, an airport is a place you can see and touch that leads to a reality that can only be thought and felt." - The Bridge Across Forever: A Love Story by Richard Bach

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