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Setting up multiple aircraft control profiles?

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I'm just getting back into DCS after many years. Last few years I just have bought a new aircraft every few years when there's a sale. In hopes that will encourage me to get back into DCS. But that's part of the problem, I never want to spend the hours it's going to take to get good control profiles for all the aircraft! Last time I had good profiles it was just for the A-10 and on a old school Cougar HOTAS and CH Pro pedals. 

Now I have a T16000M with the throttle and pedals (flight pack, bought before prices and availability when NUTS. Thank god.). I own the A-10C, F-5, F-15, F-16, F-18, SU-33, P-51. I want to try out the F-14 this week. 

I can't recall anything about the controller profiles. Set up the common controls in one profile save it and load it for another aircraft? Then I'd just have to do a few custom assignments for each aircraft, not a from scratch set up over and over? Can I hand edit profiles in a text editor? 

How do I go about setting up similar, consistent controls for EIGHT aircraft without going insane?


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Hello Dylander,I'm not sure it's possible to set up a single profile for all aircraft since each is unique in it's own right.You might be able to set up a "General" Axis setting? ie Roll,Pitch and Yaw across the board.

The Tomcat is really unique since it has the very cool"Jester" AI RIO feature.

What I usually do is set up my axis controls and add more as I start to fly and enjoy the aircraft.

Here are a few helpful videos to get you started





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Thanks? I think I've already watched the first video I believe. I suspect the free use period will end before I have time to play with the F-14 again. But I did manage to take some community made profiles as a starting point for several aircraft and then I just imported profiles from kinda similar-ish aircraft as the starting points of some other aircraft, so that's an easy way to move assignments from one aircraft to another. 

I really wish there was some kind of on screen hotkey you could pull up. Because setting all the bindings up is one thing. Remembering them when you need to is another entirely. There's the html export, which should be useful, but I'd still like a way to just see them quickly in sim. I guess I'll have to export htmls and put them on my laptop and keep that up off to the side while learning the controls. Or have I missed a way to do this?



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