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RDPresets Customer Experience

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Good Evenning 


I will firstly start by saying that is my own personal experience I am sure every customer has their own experience either good or not so good, it is important you do your own research.


I will outline my experience below; I believe customers should have the bigger picture and learn from other experiences. 


I wanted a fictional livery created for FSX FSlabs A320, accordingly I looked at the RDPresets (RDP for ease) and emailed them in May 2021. 


The email was dated the 14th of May, I made it very clear that I was looking for an FSX livery, the response I was given made it very clear that it can be accommodated.   RDP stated below:-


Yes we would love to do your livery for the FSLabs A320 in FSX, You can request your livery via the website and we will start work on it as soon as your order is in :) 


I further enquired how long it would take, I received the following reply on the 15th May. 

Normal livery request’ on our website, it takes about 4-6 weeks but most of the times we finish liveries quicker than that. 

I then made the purchase through their website on the 16th of May. 

I thought I would check on the progress on the 16th of June as the email from RDS said “most of the times we finish liveries quicker than that.” I received the following response that day. 

“Because of a high demand, it could take a bit longer than usual.”  


I replied on the same day and subsequently on the 25th of June and received no response on both occasions.


A further email was sent on the 29th of June seeking an update, again no response which was disappointing and slightly concerning.


I received an email on the 5th of July from RDP:




The expected waiting time of a livery is 4-6 weeks, this can be extended to a longer time frame is the demand is high and our painters have a lot of work, you livery is only 7 weeks old, meaning this is still within limits when it comes to livery requests as you livery has only been delayed by a week.  


I sent an email on the 9th of July. 

RDP replied on the 11th of July: 

We hope to deliver you livery as soon as possible. We don't take any new requests at this moment to make sure we get all the back orders released first. Thank you for your patience. 


26th of July 

I was advised that my order is ready to download, however when I visited the RDP download section, the livery was there but the download link was not working, I tried all the liveries to see if it was my PC, I downloaded all the livery apart from mine where the link was still not working.


I emailed RDP that evening and on the 28th of July, unfortunately no response, in fairness to RDP, I appreciate they may have been busy. 


29th of July  

Download issue finally resolved, unfortuantely this did not work for FSX as the textures where for P3D only. 

I emailed RDP on the 30th of July and then subsequently on the 3rd of August

19th of August  

RDS finally respond saying that Livery should work in FSX.” 


I reply the same day advising them that unfortunately it does not work. 


21st August RDS replied: 


That's weird, should be the same, I will look into it. 


28th of August  


I seek an update 


30th of August  


I advise RDP if the problem is not rectified I would seek a refund, I mentioned this previously in an email to them on the 8th of August. 


They replied by email with a defensive tone, however to their credit they offered to convert the textures into FSX, I will post the relevant confirmation: 


we can convert the livery completely to the FSX paintkit of the aircraft in the hopes that would fix the issue and this would be completed this weekend. 





I accept their proposal with the expectation that it “would” be completed that weekend coming. 

6th September  

I send RDP an email to seek an update. 

9th September   

Another email sent 

10th September  

RDP responds. 

If we found a solution yet we would have uploaded it and told you, we haven’t managed to fix it yet and nobody on our team uses FSX as we normally don’t do FSX liveries. If you look on the website. We have abandoned FSX. Due to the fact that your livery has been requested this long ago we are doing our best to fix the issue but as nobody on the team even had FSX installed let alone know why the livery isn’t working. We had a meeting about your livery yesterday evening. So we were doing our best to fix it and make it a happy end. But you email us quite frequently and we 9/10 times have no new info. 


Let’s us know what you want going forward. 


Thank you 






I asked for a refund and RDP have action it today (11th September) 


The whole experience has not been pleasant and quite disappointing, in summary product ordered on the 16th of May and to date the product did not arrive as they were not as advertised. 

I hope this is an isolated event and other customers have a better experience. 


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