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A few tweaks for default aircrafts

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Guys, I fly with TrackIR and CH Combo (CHThrottle, Yoke and Pedals). Right from the beginning I enjoyed CRJ-700 a lot but then was upset by it's very sensitive pitch handling. No matter what settings I tried with the yoke in CHManager, UI Controls and FSUIPC nothing helped me. Same applied more or less to Lear45. So I ended up with setting all axes back to linear and modified the Aircraft.cfg files along with some other settings as follows:Lear45;Moments of Inertiaempty_weight_pitch_MOI = 96000empty_weight_roll_MOI = 42000empty_weight_yaw_MOI = 80000empty_weight_coupled_MOI = 0.0[flight_tuning]cruise_lift_scalar = 1.0parasite_drag_scalar = 1.0induced_drag_scalar = 1.0elevator_effectiveness = 0.8aileron_effectiveness = 1.0rudder_effectiveness = 0.3pitch_stability = 1.0roll_stability = 1.0yaw_stability = 1.0elevator_trim_effectiveness = 0.8aileron_trim_effectiveness = 1.0rudder_trim_effectiveness = 1.0[Views]eyepoint = -16.385, -1.3, 3.25Bombardier_CRJ_700;Moments of Inertiaempty_weight_pitch_MOI = 980000empty_weight_roll_MOI = 188879empty_weight_yaw_MOI = 850000empty_weight_coupled_MOI = 0.0[flight_tuning]cruise_lift_scalar = 1.0parasite_drag_scalar = 1.0induced_drag_scalar = 1.0elevator_effectiveness = 0.6aileron_effectiveness = 1.0rudder_effectiveness = 0.3pitch_stability = 1.0roll_stability = 1.0yaw_stability = 1.0elevator_trim_effectiveness = 0.7aileron_trim_effectiveness = 1.0rudder_trim_effectiveness = 1.0[Views]eyepoint = -11.3, -1.65, 4.44---------------------------------------------Default eyeposition (zoom 0.75) may seem too high at first but wait till you fly for 20 minutes. I find that I tend to lower my body deeper in the seat with time. Also I have TIR centering on a throttle button and zoom+/- under my thumb.Pls don't tell me the above *air edits make these 2 birds less realistic in handling, lol. :) (On the defensive side, I had some yoke and even stick time in the pit in r/l, but that doesn't count at all, just I know the feel). If you don't like them - that's O.K., I'm just curious what are your ideas. For me they made a serios difference in hand-flying these two.

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