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An hint of good things to come - Soaring Weather.

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I was finally able to get MFS to work together with xCSoar and TopHat, the two soaring & navigation applications I use IRL for my flights, together with an LXNav Nano 3 for the logging & backup ...

So, having in mind that in one of the past Q&A sessions ASOBO mentioned the refinement of weather taking into consideration factors like that of insolation, based even on terrain characteristics ( Albedo ), I decided to pick the Discus 2c and check it.

A few days ago the conditions IRL were great, with long flights accross almost all of the Portuguese territory possible and convection levels ensuring 2400m AMSL. Yesterday it wasn't a great day ( IRL ) but it was flyable and I was very positively impressed by how MFS pretty much reproduced a pattern of thermals along the ride.

Actually I was particularly impressed by how starting from LPMN ( my RL BOP ) at the time I started the sim ( around 21:00 LT ) and then shffting the time back to around 14:00 LT ( always under Live Weather ) started creating this rising currents at places that are actually known by me IRL for being nice "climbing spots", and with additional intensity because since the T profile was that of 21:00 LT and the insolation the one from 14:00 earlier that day, additional instability caused thermals to get stronger than they had been IRL, which looks cool and coherent !

Was also great to finally be able to consistently use xCSoar for a small task ( 55 km  triangle ).

As much as I can be critic about the poor flight dynamics in the gliders I have so far used in MFS (*), at the same time I couldn't resist sharing this rather positive view of soaring weather potential ! 

Looking fwd into SU10 and the chance to even be able to visualize this currents, and hope they can refine it with additional factors like wind-on-thermals, specially when shear is present, and so on.

(*) But I do believe that the Flight Dynamics in MFS will get further refined, and converge into something better, even if only for the "within normal flight envelope" states. 

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