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SWAP_WAIT_TIMEOUT seemed to help my blurries.

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FWIW, I have been having blurries every time I start a particular flight. In fact, after solving my recent FSUIPC calibration issues, I had yet to have a real flight with SP1 becuase of blurries, until today. Working with my overclock settings and various tweaks from this forum and Phil's blogs, I tried a couple of the most popular tweaks. Well, I finally got through my test-flight using the the Maddog 2006 as my test aircraft, along with ActiveSky 6.5 and FS Realtime on a wideclient. On my test scenario flight-plan from Miami up the Eastern seaboard to Washington-Dullas, I would park at a jetway in Miami, get everything ready, switch to external locked-spot view and spin around the aircraft once or twice, and bam, all the textures on the buildings would become almost a single blurry color as well as scenery in the distance being dratically reduced in clarity. This was very repeatable and a good measuring stick. Phil mentioned in his blog, the SWAP_WAIT_TIMEOUT tweak should affect situations exactly like these textures and the blurries. So today, this is what I have fiddled with. First:TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=240I had found in the past with FS9, that 400 was too much and it seems to be true for me in FSXsp1 today. I just seem to get better broad-area texture loading in a timely manner with a setting in the lower 200's. 400 seemd to affect stuttering just a bit and doesn't seem to improve texture loading performance. Second:FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.4This is the first time I've been able to play with this setting as I didn't use FSX much prior to SP1. I found that .5 and higher seemed to drastically affect my FPS with no real benefit. The blurring of the airport textures didn't seem to happen quite as much at .4 without affecting FPS at the same time. Any higher and FPS seemed to tank and I could still ocassionally generate the airport blurries at Miami. Also, regarding recent discussions about ProcSpeed=9043 PerfBucket=7, which are my default values after instlling FSX & SP1 on my overclocked rig. Third:SWAP_WAIT_TIMEOUT=90Seems to have helped the most. I could no longer sping around the aircraft in locked-spot view and generate the building texture blurries. In fact, I made it though my entire test-flight up the Eastern Seaboard with very good looking 1M scenery, and 80M clouds and it looked fantastic. For the first time, I was able to see (or better said, not see the ground due to cloud-decks or haze beneath me for the first time from FL350. If you recall in FS9, the lower cloud layers would disapear when you passed around 10Kft. Anyway, the following settings-snapshots are to document where I'm currently at with my tweaking. Again, I am a big-iron and PAI fan and continue to utilize them in FSX, although, currently only 50% on AI airliners. I also run FSGenesis terrain worldwide so 19M terrain is necessar for me as well. I also prefer extended textures and visability becuse I routinely fly in the upper FL's.Also, in regards to Vista, it seems to help if you make sure you turn-off all extra stuff and run clean. By this I mean, if you ran any other decent size program prior to starting FSXsp1, you may want to reboot first. I have found that a clean boot and stopping stuff like the side-bar, anti-virus, bit-defender, screen-saver, security-center, indexing and so forthe, keep the OOM errors away. Also, in bit-defender, you can see what programs are running and where they starting from (startup menu, HKLM/~/run, etc..) I used this tool to permenently disable stuff like Adobe, Nero, Acronis from starting their TSR crap on bootup as well. The Vista kernel does seem to be quite stable once you get all the stuff layed on top of it, out of the way. One thing I can say, and Everest has docuemented it well, after approximitly 160 reboots over the past 4 weeks or so, I have had 0 BSOD occurances.Overclocked CPU @ 3.2GHz, 400 CPU speed, DDR2=1066, 5:4 ratio, effective FSB=1600Hz, Memetest, Prime95, Orthos, etc, all good.All other FSXsp1 installation

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