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Guest B1900 Mech

Got my PPL check-ride and oral this upcoming week

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Relax. If you hadn't already passed ground school and flown solo, you would not be ready for the check ride. It will go well, if you just adopt the attitude that it will do so. I'm speaking from personal experience: got my PPL in 1975, commercial pilot license(which of course includes instrument rating) in 1977, followed by training as a flight instructor to the point where I was able to fly complex aircraft solo from the right seat before I had to quit further training because of business pressures. Enjoy it and just remember the old (but really true) saying: you're getting your license to learn. Good luck, and let us all know when you successfully complete the check ride. :-cool

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Hey Ken, good luck with it, I hope it all goes well for you!I passed my PPL exam on Tuesday and will take the flight test by the end of the week (if the weather holds out!).

Have a great Day/Night wherever you are! :-wave Student Pilot - YSBKC152/Tomahawk/Warrior/Archer/Duchess73 hrs Total

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