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AxisAndOhs 2.32 b34 released

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Hello @ll,

AAO version 2.32 b34 has been uploaded to the shops just now. It should have been deployed on SimMarket already. On JustFlight it will take longer, I got a note of absence from my contact there. I am hoping that somebody else will jump in.

Here is the changelog:

- Change: Direct assignment of variables to axis.
- Change: Added dialogs to edit Templates and Configurations, and the option to replace controllers in that scope
- Change: Added button to save database
- Change: increased number of automated backups to 6
- Change: Added option to lock the GUI to prevent accidental changes
- Change: added option to bring AAO window(s) to front (not persisted)
- Change: Axis Min and Max can be set on the GUI control in advanced mode
- Change: FIPs: further code unification regarding RPN script and value handling (Desktop, Web and Saitek FIPs)
- Change: FIPs: Added Airport, VOR, NDB, Waypoint, Traffic display to MFD/ND Desktop/Web FIP gauge
- Change: FIPs: Added data stream for Aerosoft CRJ CDUs (WebFMC)
- Change: FIPs: Desktop FIP Layouts can be locked
- Change: FIPs: Button to reload a DesktopFip
- Change: Voice recognition: Added option to trigger voice recognition PTT by voice...
- Change: Voice recognition: built-in numeric recognizer
- Change: Voice recognition: added LVars with current state and phrase
- Change: RPN: Added option to read the result of script calculations using the "(S:" prefix
- Change: RPN: Parser no longer filtering out spaces (string handling).
- Change: RPN: added "mod" operator for modulo
- Change: RPN: option to run one shot autoscripts when the aircraft is unloaded
- Change: RPN: a scriptfile with flow control can be exectued multiple times in parallel now
- Change: RPN: added option to use other scripts for calculations with the "(S:" prefix
- Change: MSFS: added AAO Web FIP in-game panel (available on the website)
- Change: MSFS: Added generic reverser axis option

- Bugfix: RPN: EXECBAT not working
- Bugfix: RPN: single if{ leaves a 0 on the stack
- Bugfix: RPN: red/green LED had trouble processing macro definitions
- Bugfix: WebFIPs: size is wrong when a new WebFIP is added
- Bugfix: Catching exceptions around Windows clipboard access to prevent app shutdown
- Bugfix: Saitek BIP config dialog not saving changes


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Posted (edited)

I would like to take the opportunity to explain some of the changes:

  • "Direct assignment of variables" means, that you no longer have to take a detour through RPN scripting to create a direct link between a physical lever and an internal variable. That may be useful especially in MSFS where many things can be operated with LVars (light potentiometers or even condition levers)
  • "Button to save database": normally AAO saves the internal database when you shut the app down. With this button you can save it at any point in time
  • A big improvement is the VoiceRecognition Status Desktop/Web FIP, that you can get on the AxisAndOhs Weebly website. It shows what AAO is picking up, complete with a meter to show the microphone volume level
  • The MSFS in-game panel is another useful feature. It can be used to display the Desktop/Web FIPs inside the simulator. That will be most useful in VR.


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Posted (edited)

Oh, and all of the freeware WebFMCs plus the PFD/ND FIPs from the AAO website have been updated, in case you are using those. 

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