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AAO MSFS Demo Suddenly CTD on Startup

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Just downlaoded the demo today to see if the software could do exactly what I wanted, and I was excited to see that it did! I was going to purchase the software to begin using it fully and suddenly the demo won't even open. The startup log is normal..

14-Sep-22 14:06:45.437 : Sound folder set: C:\Users\*****\Documents\LorbyAxisAndOhs Files\Sounds
14-Sep-22 14:06:45.438 : Scripts folder set: C:\Users\*****\Documents\LorbyAxisAndOhs Files\Scripts
14-Sep-22 14:06:45.438 : Web server folder set: C:\Users\*****\Documents\LorbyAxisAndOhs Files\WebPages
14-Sep-22 14:06:45.438 : Screenshot folder set: C:\Users\*****\Pictures\Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Files
14-Sep-22 14:06:45.439 : Simulator files folder set: C:\Users\******\Documents\Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Files
14-Sep-22 14:06:46.236 : App configuration loaded
14-Sep-22 14:06:46.244 : Config database loaded
14-Sep-22 14:06:46.388 : SimConnect callback established
14-Sep-22 14:06:46.389 : Simulator activated
14-Sep-22 14:06:46.439 : Found Joystick Cyborg F.L.Y.5 Flight Stick 8d267ca0-7f37-11ea-8001-444553540000
14-Sep-22 14:06:46.447 : Added Joystick Cyborg F.L.Y.5 Flight Stick 8d267ca0-7f37-11ea-8001-444553540000
14-Sep-22 14:06:46.544 : Acquiring devices now
14-Sep-22 14:06:46.548 : Initialized Cyborg F.L.Y.5 Flight Stick;8d267ca0-7f37-11ea-8001-444553540000
14-Sep-22 14:06:46.548 : Device acquisition completed

I've uninstalled and reinstalled about 5 times and it still won't open. I Manually deleted the files in Appdata/local, main program folder, and MSFS packages folder. Any Ideas?

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yes, sorry, the 2.51 DEMO version had a build error. It has just been reported.

The DEMO should be OK now, a new build has been uploaded just minutes ago. Please download it again - and let me know if it works.


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