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In all my gaming years I've only ever used Playstations but I want to play MS Flight Simulator and wanted some advice as to which of the current Xboxes would be best suited. Is it possible to play it offline or do you have to be online and pay a subscription? Can you help? Thanks!

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Hi there. Xbox Series X is more powerful than Series S. If you have a 4K TV, then I would recommend that you grab the Series X. The Series S is fine for a 1080p TV but, besides the resolution, you will also loose some fidelity on textures and scenery elements.

If you subscribe to game pass, you get MSFS and everything you need to play it included in the sub. You may also opt to purchase MSFS and then use it without paying subscriptions.

As for online/offline functionality, it only really makes sense to use MSFS when connected to the internet as the most interesting features of the sim (like satellite scenery streaming) are only possible using an active connection. After launching the simulator, you may keep using it if you are offline, but I believe that a connection is needed to launch the sim in the first place.

With all that being said, the PC is still my preferred way to experience the sim, but I am happy that there is an option for the console fans out there. 😀


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