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NORTON Internet Security is blocking the v1.5 installer

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As of the release date for the B-314 Clipper v1.5, Norton Internet Security is treating PILOTS.Setup.exe as a malicious package. This is a FALSE positive. As soon as you run the installer, Norton willl quarantine the executable which, of course, crashes the installation.

You willl need to do TWO things to stop Norton from preventing the installation:

1. After PILOTS.Setup.exe has been quarantined,

- open Norton in Classic view

- select History

- in the leftside column click on PILOTS.Setup.exe

- in the rightside column click Restore

You also need to temporarily turn off Norton Data Protector, otherwise it will try to prevent the installlation of a new font (TruetypewriterPolyglott.ttf) and this in turn will again cause the installer to fail. Please see the Norton help pages for instructions on how to do this:


Note that the Off period is timed so you will only be without the Data Protector for a few minutes.

With the Norton Data Protector set to OFF,  we have also seen additional bad behaviour from Norton on the B314-A package where it will allow you to run PILOTS.Setup.exe when you have done the above, but if you click 'Yes' to check for the latest version of the software it will tell you that it has prevented PILOTS.Setup.exe from accessing the internet. This is not an installation stopper: the installer willl throw an error message stating that it cannot find an update and willl continue. At the end of the installation you may also get a popup from Norton telling you that it has seen suspicious behaviour when trying to install the TruetypewriterPolyglott-B314.ttf. This is the full package name of the font referenced above (TruetypewriterPolyglott.ttf) - again, no known reason why Norton is recognising it by the short name initially and by the correct full name later. As the B314-A package requires the B-314 package, this warning can be ignored as the font is already installed.

With any luck a future update of Norton will stop this behaviour.


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