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Problems with MSFS camera system

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Hi together,

I've been using MSFS here and there for a while, while my main simulator remains P3d v4.

One thing that prevents me from using MSFS more, is the camera system and the absence of ChasePlane. Why? Because I can neither save, nor load custom camera views in the aircraft. Normally that should work using Ctrl + Alt + <number> to save a custom view, and using Alt + <number> should load a custom view. However, that has never ever worked on my system, even if the keyboard assignments reflect exactly that. What is working, is Ctrl + <number> to load a view inside the cockpit, and saving views doesn't work at all. Shouldn't that be the case in the "instrument view" only? I've got the impression, that I'm in a wrong "mode", which sets the Ctrl + <number> option free, and doesn't support the Ctrl + Alt + <number> option. If I switch to cockpit view in the camera menu, the same happens.

Could anyone imagine, what I'm doing wrong here?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,


Regards, Dominik

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Hi Dominik,

Don't know why it's not working for you it always has for me.  The Ctrl+number is set up by whomever created the particular airframe and I don't think it's easily changed.  The Ctrl+Alt+number to create a custom view works as it should here.   I can show you what the camera dropdown looks like for me (I never use this dropdown) but perhaps you will see something different:




System:  7800x3D, Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut, Noctua NH-U12A, MSI Pro 650-P WiFi, G.SKILL Ripjaws S5 Series 32GB (2 x 16GB) 288-Pin PC RAM DDR5 6000, WD NVMe 2Tb x 1, Sabrent NVMe 2Tb x 1, RTX 4090 FE, Corsair RM1000W PSU, Win11 Home, LG Ultra Curved Gsync Ultimate 3440x1440, Phanteks Enthoo Pro Case, TCA Boeing Edition Yoke & TQ, Cessna Trim Wheel, RTSS Framerate Limiter w/ Edge Sync for near zero Frame Time Variance achieving ultra-fluid animation at lower frame rates.

Aircraft used in A Pilot's Life V2:  PMDG 738, Aerosoft CRJ700, FBW A320nx, WT 787X


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