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KHLI Helicopter Playground, Point Conception, CA

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I apologize in advance for inflicting this miserable travesty of a scenery project on the community.   

This entirely fictional and outlandish scenery is intended to be used as a helicopter training ground and practice area of sorts for aspiring and seasoned MSFS helicopter pilots alike. Located on the picturesque but unpopulated coastline of Point Conception CA, KHLI features many custom Stoopid scenery objects aimed at developing or enhancing skills for hovering and maneuvering in place or at low speed, executing precision landings - including within confined areas and over obstacles - maintaining consistent altitude while hover-taxiing and managing transitional lift, practicing "nose-around" maneuvers orbiting sideways around objects and also practicing autorotations from altitude using a large bullseye conveniently painted in the middle of an ample runway area as a landing target.  There are also numerous other challenging objects and scenes allowing free-form exploration encouraging general rotary-winged hooliganism.  It also makes a great heliport to use for familiarization flights to "feel out" any new helicopters added to your growing stable.  

Please note that in addition to the custom objects included, this scenery also uses the following free libraries which are available from either the In-Game Marketplace or from flightsim.to.  You can of course use the scenery without them but you will be missing a very significant amount of eye candy and objects:

Dave's 3D People Library:

Windy Things:

Vessels: Core library from Seafront Simulations
(Free content available within the in-game Marketplace)

There are 3 basic starting locations intended for beginner (1), intermediate (2) and "pro" (3) helicopter skill levels.  There is a fake runway with starting locations at the Beginner and Intermediate courses.  This is to accommodate helicopters and other aircraft which are not defined as type "Rotary" in MSFS such as the FlyInside Bell 47 and HPG H145 (as of this writing).  Selecting the runway starts will put you on the start position for the desired course with the aircraft ready for flight.  If you prefer to start from cold & dark, then selecting Parking spots 1, 2 or 3 will put you in the start positions for Beginner, Intermediate or Pro (respectively) with engines off.  Finally, selecting Helipad 1, 2 or 3 (if available depending on aircraft type) will start you at either of the 3 positions with engines running and ready for flight.  In addition to the practice courses, some exploring will also reveal a few objects scattered around that are fun to hover around or land on.  Most objects except the large cranes should be landable.

Although I normally try to avoid doing so, I'm releasing this as a Beta 0.9 version for now simply because I've been working on it for so long, if I don't put it out now I'm afraid it will languish and fester on my hard drive for many more months to come.  Instead, I'll welcome any feedback, suggestions within reason, constructive criticism and/or dirty limericks that may help in making this more useful and fun for the MSFS heli community.

Download and additional screenshots available at:










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"That's what" - She

For a good time, download my repaints for the RealAir Scout/Citabria/Decathlon in the AvSim library by clicking here!

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Not that it might matter much since I'm not sure how much interest there actually is in helos around here, but I forgot to mention one other scenery library in the above description that's required for some of the eye candy, specifically for the many different parked rotary-wing aircraft around the facility:

totof helicopter library V2

Too late to edit the original post but for the 2 of you who upvoted this, I'd recommend you d/l and install the library if you haven't done so already for other scenery addons. 

Happy hovering!


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"That's what" - She

For a good time, download my repaints for the RealAir Scout/Citabria/Decathlon in the AvSim library by clicking here!

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