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Simulator settings for The Blue Handle

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I have the Logitech Yoke/throttle quadrant.  I have all software updates for it and MSFS.  I'm on Win 11, 32GB RAM.  All quadrant controls, Throttle,  Pitch, Mixture work virtually identical in Windows settings.  Both throttle and mixture work and slide through a full range of movements with virtually identical Sensitivity settings.  I'm using Carenado Arrow 3 and 182 RG.

I'm just starting to use constant speed props in MSFS.  I understand the real world theory, but I can't seem to configure the control in the simulator.   I'm setting Propeller 1 Axis using the same sensitivity setting as Throttle and Mixture,  expecting to get the same movement through the full range,  however I get an On/Off type movement in the sim from barely a .5 inch move of the control.

While PP in real world, I'll admit a naiveness in simworld.  This answer may be as simple as configuring the wrong variable.  As usual,  any help is appreciated and happy holidays. 

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Does the prop lever work fine in Windows settings?

I have no access to my sim at the moment but from memory there are 2 or more prop 1 axes (0-100%, -100 to 100%). I suppose the default assignment should work best but you could try one of the others as well.

Flightsim rig:
PC: AMD 5900x with Dark Rock Pro 4 cooler | MSI X570 MEG Unify | 32GB G.Skill Trident Z Neo | Gigabyte Aorus Master RTX 3090 | Corsair RM850x | Fractal Define 7 XL
AV: Acer Predator x34 3440x1440 monitor | Logitech Z906 speakers
Controllers: Fulcrum One Yoke | MFG Crosswind v2 pedals | Honeycomb Bravo TQ | Stream Deck XL | TrackIR 5

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9 hours ago, kirkbymr said:

I'm setting Propeller 1 Axis

This axis assignment is for multi-engine aircraft (to control the blue (prop) control of engine 1.

For single engine aircraft like those you mention, try assigning your prop control to the PROPELLOR_AXIS (without the number '1' for engine 1).



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