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Real weather FSX Vs Fs9. ????

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Are the settings level of clouds and other weather options the same in FS2004 and FSX?Also - how do you check the weather at your airport?Do you use the Create Flight/ Free Flight screen - select your airport location at a parking spot - then download real world weather before starting the FS flight?The weather you initially get if you start from a saved flight or just from the Create Flight/ Free Flight screen comes from the cached weather in the saved flight or default flight file.It doesn't come from real world weather.Also, was the weather moving fast? I've seen two FS2004 computers sitting side by side have weather very different at the same airport near Dallas at the same time.One computer had apparently downloaded weather a few minutes before the other - and between the two downloads - the airport data was updated.While it's called real world weather - it's really Once an Hour Weather, or maybe more frequent or even more infrequent. Depends upon how frequently the weather is reported from the real world airport.

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