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  1. There is a person on the Flightsim.com forums - when someone posted a thread about why would a real pilot bother to fly in FS, the response was:"Because I'd get arrested if I did this in the real world."with screen shots of a B747 flying inverted through a hanger, many aircraft flying under bridges, buzzing 10 feet from the tower, through Tower Bridge in London, etc..Doing stuff we could never do in the real world is one of the greatest things about FS.Heck, the thought of my butt in the left hand seat of a commerical jet is no more unreal or 'illegal' than flying under the San Francisco Bay Bridge(I once knew a US Navy pilot who had really done that in an A-3 Skywarrior - he lost an engine after takeoff from Alameda and did not think he could climb enough to clear the bridge)
  2. Zip and attach a flight plan you use which consistently has this issue.I've never heard of anyone having this problem - so it is probably related to a specific area or set of ATC boundaries.
  3. Bert,The buildings in your screenshot in the first post are present in my FS - but only when the Autogen Slider is set to the lowest level - Sparse - or higher.The Scenery Desity slider controls a lot of buildings in the London area - but not those.The ones in your screen shot are definitely Autogen - a heck of a lot of them are present at the lowest Autogen level around London.
  4. As Luis points out there are several different types of buildings in FS.Autogen of courseThere are custom objects like Buckingham Palace and many airport terminals.There are also many places where the same type buildings as generated by autogen are individually placed.The other types are controlled by the scenery density slider, not the autogen slider.
  5. Are these replacements for the default runway, taxiway and apron textures - like what Chris Arrington used to do with AEU?Rather than using a unique texture for an airport ramp to replace the default texture placed by the AFD file?A unique texture for a taxiway at one airport, not used anywhere else on that airport or any other airport worldwide?If they are default texture replacements - they look very, very good.
  6. If you're talking the aircraft.txt file of a flight plan you load into AITM and check - those speeds are not used by AITM.AITM uses it's own cnfiguration/ reference file to calculate estimated flight times, not those in the aircraft.txt file of the flight plans.
  7. The usual issue with the Concorde flight plans is the flight level.FS2004 does not generate aircraft far enough out to properly descend more than about 35,000 ft to the runway.If your Concorde flight plan is set for FL500 or higher, the aircraft will have to descend at 8-10,000 FPM to possibly make the runway. If you are lucky, the aircraft will make a long overflight and long pattern, landing a bit late. If you are unlucky, the aircraft will overstress on descent and disappear.The arrival time in the flight plans is not the time of arrival at the runway or at the gate.FS2004 takes the arrival time in the traffic file and backtimes it for 15 minutes. That is when the aircraft is created in the airport area/ active AI zone. That 15 minutes should be sufficient for a normal flight from FL350 or lower to make it to the airport, if AI traffic levels are sufficiently low.That's the arrival time in the flight plan calculated by Traffic Tools without the @ symbol in the flight plan.If the @ symbol is in the flight plan, TrafficTools takes the time in the FP, and writes a time 15 min earlier into the traffic file. Then FS backtimes the flight an additional 15 min.
  8. The updates for FS Genesis mesh to fix the plateau's started appearing about a month ago. It's a big world and will take some time, but the updates are coming out now.
  9. >From all I have read about AI, and maybe incorrectly written,>FS only generates flight plans and aircraft within 100 miles>of your aircraft, not all over the world. >>What else could be the cause? I use a MS operating system and>MS flight sim software. As Jim Vile has documented very clearly - FlightSim itself suffers from timing issues in the way it reads the traffic files and operates the AI aircraft.FlightSim reads ALL of the traffic files and ALL of the aircraft route grid data each time it generates new aircraft. It reads the whole world, and then selects the aircraft which should be in active grids at the same time as you are flying.FS2004 does not clear cached scenery files well, and that can leave AI from halfway around the world flying in the wrong area when you start a FS session. I think FSX does a better job of clearing the cache files, but it's harder to test/ check in FSX.Using TrafficTools to create traffic .BGL files introduces more timing errors, especially if fixed arrival times are used.The 200 kts cruise speed trick to avoid certain aircraft models popping up at the gate adds more bad sectors with bad timing to the traffic files.Add to those issues the fact that Flight Simulator is not designed for near the traffic levels we use. Five arrivals at KLAX in 15 minutes is about the maximum trouble free traffic levelWe cannot have 'realistic' AI traffic, either realistic schedules or realistic levels of AI traffic, without expecting errors/ issues in FS2004 or FSX. (There is very little changed in FSX from FS2004 as far as AI, and it appears those are mainly side effects of changes for the user aircraft).Frankly, I'm happy when 65-75% of the AI traffic in my sim "flies correctly" because that's about the best I've seen at a heavy usage airport like London's 5 commercial airports, New Yorks' 6 commercial airports, Los Angeles' 5 commercial airports.Another potential issue for KLAX is there is a modified active AI zone for the airport / area. The 100nm distance is shorter to the south and probably to the east. This shorter AI zone results in aircraft bring initialized more in large clumps and taking longer to separate than normal.This behavior is also noticable in FS2004.If you want the most trouble free AI, you need to convert all your TTools based flightplans to TrafficDatabaseBuilder format and create new traffic .BGL files.Of course, for airlines like Southwest, you will have to double the number of planes, because of the minimum 45 minute turnaround requirement.
  10. Yes,It was real in JULY 2007McAfee, Symantec and all the other anti-virus programs protect your computer just fine if you have current virus definitions.You certainly do not want to rush out and send e-mails to your friends and family.Everyone has been getting these e-mails for months now - and they have been cleaned up just fine by the AV programs.Even if the Anti-virus program did not catch the virus, your Windows computer is at no risk if you have kept up with the Windows operating system service packs and monthly security updates from Microsoft.
  11. Sorry to be so late responding, but February after Valetines Day is the annual MSFS Around the World Race.Sim-Outhouse flew brilliantly this year and won for the first time, Avsim came in second, and we at Flightsim were only an hour and a few minutes behind when all the bonuses were counted.User plane - it works best with two things - a parking code to keep other planes out of the parking spot and a parking radius smaller than the same type AI aircraft.If you want a gate at KDFW reserved for your flyable MD-83 - set the parking radius of the gate to 16M and your aircraft wing_span value to 104.00 feet. Remember always put Feet in the aircraft.cfg file and always work with Meters in the parking spot properties.If you try to work with meters in the aircraft.cfg - FS will see your planes as 1/3 their real size. If you work with feet in parking spot sizes most people end up with rounding errors and airports which will not work.In that 16M parking spot - set the parking codes to XXXX, XXXX, XXXX, XXXX. You want this parking spot to be one of the first parking spots on the list of parking spots.Now you will have to do this for every airport you want to fly to.You will also want to make danged sure there is enough overflow parking with no parking codes so AI aircraft are not forced into your spot.Most of the time, the ATC will assign you to that spot if it is the first empty spot of the correct size and type on the parking list.But that does not always work and you will have to taxi to the spot ignoring the ATC.Until Microsoft changes the code and lets the USER aircraft park by parking code, we have to play with such tricks.Sometimes, that means reducing the radius of the user aircraft as small as 4M - by lowering the wing_span value.No - there is nothing the model size settings or the .AIR file which impacts parking.
  12. There are two types of buildings.Autogen creates almost all of the farm buildings, small town buildings, small city buildings and a large percentage of the big city buildings.There are also a lot of specific models located in larger cities. Some, like the 49 of the US State Capitol buildings are the only custom model in that city. (Sorry Alaska - you know your state capital looks like a standard FS generic four or five story building)Buildings you recognize like the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, etc are separate models.There are also a lot of generic buildings specificially placed in cities.When a modeler creates a building model or the location specific generic buildings or any scenery object, he adds a setting to the model which determines which scenery density at which the model displays.You cannot change those without finding each building, decompiling the building code, making the change, and recompiling the building.For a city like New York or Los Angeles - this might be only a couple hundred objects/ models, or a few thousand.
  13. There are real world aircraft which are designed for the tail to lift the real of the aircraft before the wings lift the main body and the nose gear comes off the ground last.The B-52 is the most widely seen of those aircraft.
  14. The real definition of quality in an anti-virus program is not how well it detects viruses. All the programs are about even in that regard. They all use the same methodology, they all use basically the same definitions. They certainly download and look at each other's definition files.No anti-virus program actually identifies viruses - they identify suspicious sections of code.When these companies find a virus - the take it apart and look for the code hidden in a file which is unique to that virus. The problem is that virus makers have gotten pretty good at hiding code so that it looks like legitimate programming. It is a constant battle between the virus coders and the AV coders.The current differences are in the area of spyware, malware and addware - and deciding how agressive to be in those catagories.Major differences are in the area of interface, overhead and control of the program.In my opinion, the gold standard is still Symantec - based upon it's control features and ability to customize the install and actions of the program.But it's overhead is way too much for FS users.Customization and control of how the AV program works is where AVG falls short in my opinion. Yes, I've tried it, and was not happy.The side issue is education of the user. If you know how the program works, understand how the virus threats work, how they are detected and not detected, you are better able to deal with the good and bad points of all anti-virus programs with minimal interruption.You also need to learn about and know the issues with spyware, malware and adware. Of course, we have three people on the team I work with whose almost full-time job is anti-virus.If you do not spend the time to learn the basics, then you are at the mercy of the AV program and at risk of damaging your system.There have been dozens, maybe hundreds of post on the forums over recent years - "XXXXXX said file yyyyyy is a virus. I deleted it and not my Flight Sim will not work."It's always hardest to educate people to protect against themselves.
  15. Yes, there are virus database updates almost every day, but I find this reassuring rather than disconcerting. To me it demonstrates Grisoft's willingness to try to keep ahead of the game.Grisoft is not ahead of the game. They are about even with everybody else.Symantec issues four AV definition updates every day if you setup your system to update from the beta definitions site. Regular users get one update daily, or every couple days based on changes in the updates. My company suscribes to the four times daily system, which are then redistributed from internal servers to our thousands of computers. We do have issues on occasion, but the company has decided that is a cost worth the possibly increased protection.AVG used to do that for everyone - send out four daily updates.NOD32, McAfee, CA - infact all AV companies provide daily updates.The issue is the AVG definition files have known bad code with known, well documented false positives and Grisoft refuses to deal with the issue as a responsible company.I should not have to put files into a separate partition, and I should not have to setup unscanned areas on my computer.If I have to do so to avoid the issue, then it is a second rate, second-tier product.
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