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Ravenfslabs PBR

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Hi guys, 

I have the CRJ-200-1000 and EMB-170 to 195 models, all using the P3DV4 model data. None are showing in P3DV5 with any PBR textures and I don't know why, is there a file in CCDATA which is the PBR file that the texture.cfg should be pointing at or does it not exist? i.e RFSL_CRJ200Fv3_B.dds?



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Hi Matt,

I'm using the RFSL-models in P3Dv4 and presumably the models should work in P3Dv5 too, but I don't know for sure. As far as I know, there are no RFSL PBR-models made. The file RFSL_CRJ200Fv3_B.dds you're mentioning is a bump-texture, not a PBR-texture. The bump-texture is only used by bump models. Regarding texture.cfg, if used, they should always point to a folder or to folders, not a file. And if texture.cfg is in a subfolder you must point it two steps back.

Example texture.cfg one step back and you want it to point to CCData:

or two steps back from a subfolder such as Airline\Registration:

Does your RFSL-models not show at all in the sim or is it some kind of texture trouble? In general, to check if AI-planes are OK, I recommend you get the excellent program AIAE (AI Aircraft Editor), but I don't know if the program checks for missing bump- and PBR-textures. It can be several reasons why AI-planes is not showing in the sim/missing texure(s), such as mdl-name not matching model.cfg, forward slash "/" instead of backslash "\" when pointing to a texture subfolder or [fltsim.x] in aircraft.cfg not beginning with [fltsim.0]. AIAE detects that and repairs the latter.

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Many thanks for the reply, its no real texture trouble perse but more of a wish that PBR did exist for the models. You are correct that texture.cfg file is pointing to the whole folder, in this case: fallback.1=..\CCData

If no PBR exists then I'll continue to use alternate models that have the pbr texture (AIA,AIG,FSPX etc)

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