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  1. I agree with this, 5.4 takes a huge amount of time to generate/load fight plans. I'm not sure what has happened. I try now to download them from the flightplandatabase.com website especially flying long haul.
  2. Many thanks for the reply, its no real texture trouble perse but more of a wish that PBR did exist for the models. You are correct that texture.cfg file is pointing to the whole folder, in this case: fallback.1=..\CCData If no PBR exists then I'll continue to use alternate models that have the pbr texture (AIA,AIG,FSPX etc)
  3. Please can anyone answer this? I just want to know if I'm doing anything wrong Thanks
  4. This doesn't answer your question perse but I always use TSS: https://secure.simmarket.com/turbine-sound-studios-boeing-737-8max-leap-1b-pilot-edition-p3d4-5.phtml https://secure.simmarket.com/turbine-sound-studios.mhtml
  5. Hi guys, I have the CRJ-200-1000 and EMB-170 to 195 models, all using the P3DV4 model data. None are showing in P3DV5 with any PBR textures and I don't know why, is there a file in CCDATA which is the PBR file that the texture.cfg should be pointing at or does it not exist? i.e RFSL_CRJ200Fv3_B.dds? Thanks! Matt
  6. Maybe I'll install it and then deactivate it if it goes awry, my photoscenery is always a higher priority that the ORBX base layers (apart from the airports)
  7. Many thanks. I had used it before. My only concern with this is that I've got lots of photoscenery for other areas globally so I'm hoping it won't be screwed up
  8. Hi guys, Quick question on this, does anyone have a coverage map, I fly alot in Asia and would like to know if the coastlines/rivers etc have been improved in this area? Thanks! Matt
  9. @Bob Scott Hi Bob, I'm using the same CPU as you and I used Steve's AM recommendation for the 13900K in the P3d.cfg. I don't have the same sort of setup GPU wise (3080gtx) and I don't consider myself an expert in the Bios, I've left it on automatic and HT is left enabled. Can you advise what AM setting you are using in the cfg please as I'm registering 90 to 100 C temps when Im in flight. Many thanks! Specs: MSI MPG Z790 CARBON WIFI, 13900KS (Stock clock), DDR5 32GB 6000MHZ KINGSTON FURY RENEGADE, CORSAIR ICUE H150I, CORSAIR PSU 1000W RMX SHIFT SERIES RM1000X
  10. Hi Bob, I have the same CPU as you, would you be able to provide what your AM settings are please? I'll need to disable my HT but it would be extremely handy to know what you set. My CPU runs extremely hot on P3d 5.4. Thanks!
  11. Thanks Simbol, I completely understand your reasoning on this matter and status. I will be patient and see how things will pan out in the future. All the best Matt
  12. Hi Simbol, Since the release of MS2020, have you continued the development of this for P3D or can you advise otherwise please? Many thanks! Matt
  13. If you have serial code like me on Pilot's website, you'll be able to upgrade for the smaller amount, I had 2018 before bought from Flightsimstore before it went to liquidation. Bear in mind that Pilot's go to store is Simmarket anyway, so you should be good 🙂
  14. I respect that Simbol amongst other devs are using the new xml way but it seems quite a stretch that all users will adapt to the same way to make ai lights pro work. i had the free version before and this had no trouble locating the traffic in the default directory.
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