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  1. I had both P3D v4.5 (not iFly 737-800) and also the Steam game American Truck Simulator CTD in circa September-October 2023, which I belive was caused by a bad Windows 10 update. The CTD's went away after I recently updated Windows 10 again. I also updated my BIOS, but it may or may not have had anything to do with the CTD's going away.
  2. Hi newtie- Have you tried the throttles in another twin engine airplane? Are they then aligned or misaligned? If misaligned, maybe you have a control panel or some way to calibrate the throttles? In my case, I had to first calibrate my Airbus Thrustmaster Throttle Quadrant outside of P3D and verified the calibration inside the Thrustmaster Control Panel. Then I calibrated the throttles in P3D second. And lastly I played around with the numbers in the MJC8 Q400 Control panel until the throttles were good in the sim. I can use the same values on both throttles. If you have calibrated your throttles and they still are misaligned, you probably have to play around with the values until the throttles are aligned. Additional info regarding the calibration in case it is of any help when you set up your throttles. Values for my setup: MAX 65534, DETENT 65534, IDLE 32800, DISC 7000 and REVERSE 2. I used the same values for MAX and DETENT so I can't accidentally over-rev the engines. IDLE is flight idle. I've got flight IDLE at about 1/3 of the distance from DISC towards MAX. DISC is ground idle. I adjusted DISC so the Dash 8, with the engines running, is not moving forwards or backwards when my physical throttles are at idle. I have to lift two spring loaded levers to move my throttles further back into reverse. This works perfect for me.
  3. Hi LEAH757, it should not be related in this case because the CTD happened in Prepar3D. Good evening europrodave! In the log we see that nvwgf2umx.dll is faulty. I believe this has something to do with your Nvidia driver. So a first logical step is to try another Nvidia driver. But on your next CTD. Take a note of the time and date it happened. Then open up your Event Viewer in Windows, go to Windows logs and then System. Have look at stuff marked in red at the time and date of your CTD. That could be useful as part of the puzzle to understand the CTD's.
  4. I stumbled across a sound fix, so I thought I'd share it just in case it helps. I've had a pause from P3D v4.5 for a couple of months, and did also have some sound issues after updating Windows 10. I also had sound issues before updating Windows, but solved it back then in Windows sound setting for the phone auto muting with ticking the box "Don't do anyting". After updating Windows, the sound issue was like this: I had background music on with VLC mp3 player. Then I started P3D v4.5 with the default Robinson R22. When ATC started chatting with an AI aircraft, all of a sudden my music was muted fully, and the engine sound was muted half way down. So I guess that Windows mistakenly thought that somebody was calling me on the computer when ATC was talking and muted the sounds. To solve this, I entered "msconfig" (or "System Configuration") in the windows searchbox, and started System Configuration. Under Services, I unticked both "Fax" and "Telephony", then I clicked OK and restarted the computer. After starting P3D with the Robinson R22 again, this time the sound did not mute when ATC was talking.
  5. You didn't answer if you've got a throttle, but I guess you do since you're asking about these settings. As described in the "Maddog X Quick Guide.pdf" you calibrate the throttle from inside P3D with a cold & dark cockpit. But first take a backup of the maddogx.ini-file. It's in the folder "Maddog X Files - Prepar3D v4 - Data". After calibration, your calibration values will appear in the .ini file, but the values should not be of interest if you're happy with your calibration and it solves your reverse thrust problem. I adjusted my values a little bit to fine tune the calibration. Maybe it's the same problem with an uncalibrated throttle and it's giving full reverse thrust. I remember my throttle had full reverse when I expected reverse idle before I calibrated it.
  6. Hi! I've got MD-82 v2.1 b833 in P3Dv4.5.14 with Thrustmaster Airbus throttle and it's working fine. If you've got a throttle, have you calibrated it? Procedure can be found in Maddog X Files - Docs - Fly the Maddog X Quick Guide page 22. As an example, here's my settings in the maddogx.ini file if its of any help: ThrottleAxisFilter=1 ; reverse scale factor x 10 ReverseAxisScale1=17 ReverseAxisScale2=17 and furher down: IdleForwardThrustAxis1=8370 IdleForwardThrustAxis2=8370 IdleReverseThrustAxis1=6821 IdleReverseThrustAxis2=6821
  7. I had the same SODE-issue in P3Dv4. I was 100% sure that I had Prepar3d permanently running as administrator, but apparently not. So I had to rightclick Prepar3d.exe and choose Properties - Compatibility - and tick the administrator box. After that SODE is working again.
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