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Gauges in MDL format with no 2D Panel

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Is there any way to access the gauges of an aircraft when there is no 2D cockpit and they are built into the model? The reason I ask this is that I fly with 2D panels that I make with FSPS for each aircraft that I fly, and undock them to two lower monitors. I use the VC zoomed in to just showing the top of the glareshield and the top of the window frame on my upper 24" monitor. More and more aircraft are starting to be released without 2D panels and with gauges built into the model. One of them being the Aerosoft Twin Otter which I am very interested in, but it is going to be in this format. I could always use default gauges on the homemade panels, but I would really like to use the gauges that come with the aircraft.I assume it is probably the same issue as with the VC itself, and that only the developer has access, but I thought I would ask anyway just in case there was a way. I love FSX and the advances, but I wish the developers could include their gauges also in a format that could be used in Flight Sim Panel Studio and be coded to only be able to be used with their aircraft to protect from piracy. At least with Accelleration I was able to use the MFD's for the F18 and the EH101 as a 2D panel.Bill

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