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  1. Hi Martin, The majority of the components in most home cockpits are basic electronic toggle switches, rotary encoders and potentiometers. They are used for making panels, in home made throttle quadrants etc..To make these work you need a program such as FSUIPC to interface them. I can understand your reasons for not wanting to support FSUIPC, but I was wondering if the new sim will have the capability built into it to perform this function? If it will not, then this will exclude the majority of the Home Cockpit Community from being able to use the new sim. Thanks, Bill
  2. Some of the leaves here in Northern Ontario, Canada have actually started to change last week. Bill
  3. The clouds are like that in FSGRW because that was probably what was reported in the metar. The clouds aren't always big puffy cumulus in the real world, and FSGRW reflects that. That is what I like the most about FSGRW. There are often times when I do see cumulus as well, but it only when they are really supposed to be there. If you do however wish to always have cumulous, you can change the realism settings in the configuration settings in the menu as Matthias has pointed out. Bill
  4. I use 2D cockpit windows, and delete the 2d cockpit panel. Some aircraft don't come with 2d panels. If that is the case you will have a clear view by pressing F9 or F10 I think it is. I made my own gauge panel in Flight Sim Panel Studio for the bottom monitor. You could also just use the original 2d cockpit panel on the bottom monitor as well, or if the aircraft doesn't have one, use the VC and change the view so you just see the gauges. Bill
  5. I think the main thing to consider here to make an accurate comparison, is that if you use a virtual cockpit you are pretty much only seeing 1/3 of the world. The other 2/3 is taken up by the gauges. In a real world aircraft, the gauges are not in your main field of view like they are in a VC. It doesn't matter what size monitor you have, the ratio will always be the same. I have five 24" monitors for my main views at eye level without gauges in a wideview networked cockpit. I have a 40" tv below the main views for the gauges, and I feel it gives me a fairly accurate view of the world. Bill
  6. I am really glad to see that this project is gaining the widespread exposure it truely deserves! I have been using Henrik and team's Ai ships for quite a while, and it makes a huge difference to the immersion level when flying over water to see these detailed ships. Having moving icebergs will be a real treat! Looking forward to adding the latest download for even more boat traffic! Thanks! Bill
  7. boris4356

    Henrik Nielsen AI Ships

    Thanks for all of your ship packages Henrik! They really add to the sim. I was taxiing at Haneda airport in Tokyo watching these huge detailed ships sail by. It was incredible! They also make flying in Scandanavia and other coverage areas a pleasant experience as well! Bill
  8. boris4356

    I'm populating the P3D seas.....with MyCaptain...

    Hi Mitch, Couldn't agree more! Bill
  9. boris4356

    I'm populating the P3D seas.....with MyCaptain...

    I tried playing around with the MyCaptain program, and found it a bit confusing at first to set up my own routes. I did catch on, but the program kept crashing, and I ended up giving up on it . I found Henrik Neilsen's ai boat programs in the AVSIM Library. He has an ongoing freeware project to populate the worlds oceans, and it is really good! Bill
  10. Hi, To do this in the aircraft.cfg, go to the [views] section. You will see something like this: eyepoint=8.62, -1.4, 5.35 The first number adjusts the view Forward(increase) or Backward(decrease) The middle number adjusts the view Left(decrease) or Right(increase) The last number adjusts the view Up(increase) or Down(decrease) It is a very frustrating process to end up getting the correct views. You make an adjustment, then you have to load FSX to see if that is what you want. If not, you have to exit FSX, go back to the.cfg change it, then load FSX again etc.. etc.... I ended up using OpusFSX camera system to get my views setup. You see the view on the screen in FSX, and adjust it to where you want it. Bill
  11. boris4356

    Perfectly reasonable thread locked - why?

    I was a Canadian Submariner and spent a lot of time in the UK back in the late 70's early 80's. I lived on Fish&Chips while I was over there! They were still wrapped in newspaper back then. I really miss them! Bill
  12. boris4356

    Help needed - FSGenesis

    Hi Rob, I am not sure if the FS Genesis Next map areas are a much higher resolution or not. I don't know very much about the technical aspects of mesh. There is a good explanation of how Pilots do their mesh as opposed to others on their website. I tried FS Genesis Next Map South America, and a few other Next Map areas before Justin sold his company. I found them to have an excessive amount of holes, spikes, plateaus etc. I ended up disabling them and reverting back to the older mesh which didn't have as many issues. I don't know if the new buyers have since fixed them up, or if they are still the same. I think the airports that are on plateaus or in holes in FS Global areas are supposed to be fixed in the Vector update. I am not sure if it will fix FS Genesis issues. Even without Vector, I have found there to be far fewer issues with FS Global Ultimate then I had with FS Genesis. Bill
  13. boris4356

    FS Global Real Weather and WideView

    Hi Dust, I don't have P3D, but as far as I know the current version of FSGRW will not work with v2. I think the P3D v2 compatible version is due out very soon. Bill
  14. boris4356

    Help needed - FSGenesis

    I was a FS Genesis lifetime member as well. I found that the quality of their products the last couple of years before the sale had gone downhill. Justin was putting things out too fast without much quality control to try and make a quick buck. He also made a lot of promises that he never kept. He would start to update an older product, and then drop it to go to something he thought he had a better chance of making money on. I have since moved on to FS Global Ultimate. I have found it to be much better quality then all of the FS Genesis products. Bill
  15. boris4356

    FS Global Real Weather and WideView

    Your welcome DustBeats! Bill