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  1. I am really glad to see that this project is gaining the widespread exposure it truely deserves! I have been using Henrik and team's Ai ships for quite a while, and it makes a huge difference to the immersion level when flying over water to see these detailed ships. Having moving icebergs will be a real treat! Looking forward to adding the latest download for even more boat traffic! Thanks! Bill
  2. Thanks for all of your ship packages Henrik! They really add to the sim. I was taxiing at Haneda airport in Tokyo watching these huge detailed ships sail by. It was incredible! They also make flying in Scandanavia and other coverage areas a pleasant experience as well! Bill
  3. I dont have it, but from what I read on the link, the $1449 one doesn't come with a pc or monitor, and the next one in line the $3799 one comes with what looks like possibly an intel Q6600 quad core. It doesn't list the video card specs, ram specs, size and type of power supply, size of hard drive etc...If it is a Q6600, that is a good CPU, but it would probably be cheaper getting the bare bones hotseat and building or buying the PC separately. That way you know what you are getting, and can shop around for good deals on the hardware. A lot of times package deals such as this are built with lower quality parts, and use onboard video, and crappy underpowered power supplies. A good indication of this could be the small PC case. Bill
  4. Hi Vic,I am currently running FSX on a 24" @ 1920x1200, and a 19" @1280x1024 on an ATI HD3870, and a 17" monitor hooked up to an ATI X1050. I only loose 2-3 FPS with the additional two monitors engaged.I have a second computer networked and hooked up to a 17" monitor set beside the other 17" and 19" that I use for FSMap. Bill
  5. I get the same with a single HD3870 as well. I have most sliders to the right, except autogen at normal. Water 2x low, Cloud density at max, Ai at 30%. Vehicle traffic at 15%, ships at 60%. My FPS are locked at 30, and get that most of the time, except in larger cities, I get around 20.I just bought my HD3870, and really agonized whether to get the HD3870X2. The deciding factor was that the X2 was not quite available at the time, otherwise I probably would have gone with it.I am interested to see how the performance difference changes between the 3870 and the 3870X2 as the drivers mature.Bill
  6. Is there any way to access the gauges of an aircraft when there is no 2D cockpit and they are built into the model? The reason I ask this is that I fly with 2D panels that I make with FSPS for each aircraft that I fly, and undock them to two lower monitors. I use the VC zoomed in to just showing the top of the glareshield and the top of the window frame on my upper 24" monitor. More and more aircraft are starting to be released without 2D panels and with gauges built into the model. One of them being the Aerosoft Twin Otter which I am very interested in, but it is going to be in this format. I could always use default gauges on the homemade panels, but I would really like to use the gauges that come with the aircraft.I assume it is probably the same issue as with the VC itself, and that only the developer has access, but I thought I would ask anyway just in case there was a way. I love FSX and the advances, but I wish the developers could include their gauges also in a format that could be used in Flight Sim Panel Studio and be coded to only be able to be used with their aircraft to protect from piracy. At least with Accelleration I was able to use the MFD's for the F18 and the EH101 as a 2D panel.Bill
  7. Go here: http://www.ch-hangar.com/forum/index.php?act=idxThere are tutorials and lots of other good stuff. I used to be afraid of the CH control manager program, but actually it is so simple that it hurts. Bill
  8. Hi Arry,I made my own customized 2D panels using Flight Sim Panel Studio and made a basic steel looking background in photoshop. I made this type of background because the panels are on two lower monitors, and simulate looking down directly at the panel. I use the VC on my main upper monitor at a zoom where I just see the top edge of the glareshield and part of the windowframe.I have seen somewhere, where someone has made standard 2d panels for the EH101 which is what you are probably looking for. It may have been at simouthouse or flightsim.com, but I'm not sure. Sorry I couldn't have been more help.Bill
  9. When you install the drivers for your new monitor, you will see the 1920x1200 option in FSX settings.Bill
  10. I fly with three monitors. I have the VC on my main 24" monitor. I make my own 2D panels of gauges and GPS etc..to undock on the other two secondary monitors.In FSX RTM, there was a significant frame rate hit when undocking a 2d panel to a secondary monitor. With SP1 it improved drastically, and I only noticed a slight frame rate hit of around 2 fps. It stayed pretty well the same with SP2 Accelleration.I am not 100% sure, but judging from my results I don't think you should get much of a frame rate hit adding the 2D panel as long as you have SP1 or SP2.It is possible to eliminate the 2D panel. The new planes in Accelleration don't have 2D panels. I didn't notice much of a difference in FPS after I added the extra two 2D panels to the EH101.I think the problem is that if the POSKY's ERJ-145 that you are editing is a FS9 plane, that could be the source of your FPS loss.I have noticed that with any non native FSX aircraft, I get anywhere from 10 to 15 FPS less than the native made for FSX aircraft. I just dont use FS9 aircraft anymore because of the performance issues.Try using a native FSX plane with a 2D cockpit along with the VC, and see if you get better performance.Bill
  11. Hi Tom,I always switch to window mode before I exit FSX. Then when I start FSX, It loads the appropriate screens on each monitor in window mode, and then I switch to full screen and fly.I was having a lot of quirky problems moving panels when in full screen, so I switched to doing it in windows. I was also getting a CTD when I would exit in full screen.I have since added another video card, and another monitor, so I have three screens. The VC on the main upper monitor, cockpit gauges on the lower centre monitor, and the GPS on the lower left monitor. I have another monitor for a moving map on the lower right that is on another networked computer.Bill
  12. Hi Alex,You have to remove the virtual cockpit with a hex editor. This will clear up your side views. If you need to know how to do it, do a search using "how to remove a virtual cockpit", and you should find a controversial post I wrote a while ago with the details. This is for FS9 only, not sure if it works in FSX, as I only use the VC, and have not tried it there.Bill
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