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Finally an FSX that I can use

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Hello,I have a very large FS9 setup - a lot of investment and a real joy to fly. I had tried to install FSx many times on my "used to be fast computer" (ASUS MB with 3500+ cpu, 2 Nvidia 6800 cards and 3 gigs of ram)only to be totally unable to fly. After SP1 it got a little better but still no fun.My solution was to go to addons that really work with my FSX even though they are not my favorites. My new Aerosoft Twin Otter works great for me (about 18 fps). So does their Beaver X. I ported over all of my Carenado planes from FS9 and they work even better (about 21fps). My Eaglesoft FSX planes that work are my CJ1 (the rest kill my fps). I went with GEX and Genesis mesh. My weather is ASX and that is it for now. I really cannot afford a new computer of the ilk that would run FSX full out. A few of my sliders are set to the right and the others are "in the middle". BTW - my Majestic Dash 8 for FSX also works great.I dropped "heavy metal" addons that do not run well on my system and now fly a lot of GA stuff in Alaska - a lot of fun and some really nice FSX affects. BTW - I also added two helos (Just flight) and am really waiting for the DoDosim Bell to be ported to FSX - it is the best sim I have ever tried.My only real problem is some very slow texture load times but I can't put my finger on what causes it - They load fine when the flight is started but if I switch visuals to either 2D (I use the 3d almost all of the time)I get "exterior world" load problems.Well thats my little tale of how I have learned to enjoy FSX with my modest computer hardware.Cheers and happy flying,Ron SagelNEAR KCHS

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