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Help with xml gauges in FS9

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Oscar, The problem seems not to be in the panel.cfg but rather how the gauges were made.. FS04 seems to ignore the ImageSizes="x,y,x2,y2".A way you could be able to check and see if they are FS04 compatible is:1. Copy and Paste your master gauges somwhere else for safe keeping.2. Have the .xmls and bitmaps all residing in the same folder for this test.. ( No 640 or 1024 folder )3. Go through each one of your gauges and remove the ImageSizes="x,y,x2,y2" or ImageSizes="x,y,".4. Run it in FS02 and see what happens... Cross Fingers :-)4a. If they work as before open up a cold brew... Goto #64b. If they dont see #5 :-(5. The problem lies now is that you cannot force a bitmap size, they must be on a 1:1 ratio to each respective bitmap in a gauge.. Another thing - spots may be all in the wrong spots/size. s also !! One could do for instance a quick fix.. ( This is what happened to me ) I made/tested my gauges on the stock FS02 737. It had a ratio of 0.625 so in ImageSizes="x,y,x2,y2" I corrected for that ratio. When loaded in 04 they were all bad. On some of the gauges all I did was reduce the bitmap size by 0.625 then it all worked, looked OK and , were all in the right places.. Drawback this was good for switches and very basic instruments because you are reducing the bitmap size and then reenlarging the gauge via the panel.cfg.. Not good for looks.. :-(#6 COOL !!!! Good looking plane too !!!Regards,RomanGREEN BAY PACKERS][/i :-ukliam :-beerchug

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