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D Textures and parts Still Supported ?

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Going through the sp2SDK i saw no mention made of damage textures,anyone know offhand if they still supported? Also while i have your attention during the use of the Shader Tooli had a number of sript errors show up in the SetupAcesRoot.ms.err.jpgThey varied and were progressivly diminished as i entered pathwaysinto the script editor , is there a bit more info to be had on the subject ? I am putting something of a tips thread on the use of these new tools together , used the verify and fix model on the export tools for 3DS8 yesterday along with the shader tool and i was delighted to see the Aces provided us with these and what appears like an easter egg, buried in the script was a reference to setting the in house mode for use with Max6.At any rate these adventures are followed in a post at FFDS in a thread in the news section called new toys. http://www.aerodynamika.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.cgi Including high resolution shots and banter from other modellersthis is a prelude to a tutorial of sorts on the usage of thesefor the modellers who are coming up to speed on what

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