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FSDS 3.5/FSX -SP2/Vista-SP1 Compatibility

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Is anyone using this exact combination (FSDS 3.5/FSX with SP2/Vista SP1)successfully? I have just started the "Help" section (Tutorials) and find that the program will not compile the .bgl examples-(no explanation, just "Did Not Compile") message, and requires a runway at Seatac that does not exist in FSX for the .bgl project file. Also, while the sample aircraft .mdl file conversion process for FSX indicates no problem, the aircraft does not appear in the sim.I have checked and rechecked all the paths to the .exe files needed, and they are correct.If this is just another program that hasn't caught up with the Vista SP1 and FSX SP2 combination, I don't want to waste anymore time on it. I have been working on learning gmax and would want to just continue with that. If, on the other hand, I am doing something wrong or can make changes to correct the "issues" I will continue to try to get the FSDS program to work.Regards,Thrakete

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