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hello everyone im new to scenery design and i was wondering if anyone can give me a very simple description of how to make a very small island in the middle of the ocean. i have already made one using fssc but its textures arent good and there are no waves on the shoreline.

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Here's how I did it:Making an Island with VTP Method2 Polygons and LinesThat would be a good place to start.Also, search for posts over the last year for 'knnygar' as the Author.He had to rework coasts and make islands for his scenery corrections, and along the way we both discovered some things about the new TDF scenery.Here's some basic information.Land can be created by the use of LWMs ( Land/Water Masks ) where a landclass texture is created for that LOD13 Area. Unfortunately, most of the offshore areas of the FS2002 world do not have a landclasss. So to use LWM's, you need to make a landclass BGL for that area ( using transparent value # 254 for all but the land Areas you wish to alter ). LWMs can be assigned elevation. Creative use of small invisible LWMs can 'mesh up' your new flat island. LWMs can also be mesh-clinging. I'd consider this the most documented method.Land can also be created by making a VTP Method2 polygon with one of the default textures called, as described in the FS2002 Terrain SDK. You cannot orientate the texture as it is tiled like a landclass texture. The VTP poly can be any shape and is mapped to the LOD8 Cell size, so that is it's size limitation. It can adjoin to other Cells, and their shapes, so could be the size of the entire planet if desired. This method will allow default autogen. The layer should be 4-7. They are mesh-clinging.Land can also be created by VTP Method1 polys. Their size and shape must fit an LOD13 Area, and they are 'cut' from a 256x256 bitmap...and can be orientated as you like, making them ideal for laying photoreal textures. They do not allow autogen, as far as I can tell. Their textures can have transparency, so they can be used for 'blending' into previous textures. They are mesh-clinging, and should also be layered from 4-7.Shorelines will need a layer of 8, and are VTP Method2 lines.-----------------------------------------The usual method for the island would be to first create the Landclass BGL. You may wish to also make a Waterclass BGL for the reef and shallow water.Then, make the LWM masks and elevations for the island, to size and shape the island. This is another BGL.Then, make the VTP2 shorelines, streams, and roads. Another BGL.So to get to the point of being able to place a runway, you'll need 3-4 BGLS. The good part is... it's kind of fun watching the island pop up out in the middle of nowhere! A simple explanation? :-eek Dick

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