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LAT/LON - versus - Pea's and Que's!!

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Last June, I start flight lessons. It requires 5hrs of cross country solo flying and another 5hrs of solo time. One of my cross country flights was to Gainsville, FL from Orlando, FL and return (hopefully).I also set up the flight in MSFS, usually FS2004, and practice the flight. I also use NAV3.1 on a second computer as a moving map display. When I loaded the flight plan I noticed that the Gainsville VOR was not at the airport but located approximately 8.5 miles Southwest of Gainsville Airport. NAV3.1 uses the MSFS NAVAID database to fill out the moving map display. However, Ted Wright, NAV3.1 designer, hasn't been able to crack the new FS2004 Scenery format, NAV3.1 must use FS2002 or earlier NAVAID data for the moving map display.Investigation revealed the FS2002 NAVAID data was incorrect and required updating two files, USSEVOR.bgl and usseaf08.BGL. I used EasyNavs by Herve Sors to correct the former file. I had to use Scenery Analyser to decompile and SCASM to recompile the latter file. You can't use AFCAD on the latter file to fix a VOR problem, as AFCAD will only fix airport areas.So what has this to do with the subject. Well, EasyNavs was simple since it took the LAT/LON as I typed it. After decompiling the latter file, I merrily set about inputting the LAT/LON in the format I found in my Airport/Facility Directory. When I compiled, the GPS/Map View showed I moved the VOR but not to the correct location. I must have stared at the source code for 30 minutes until I realized I needed to convert the data I found in my Airport/Facility Directory from to so SCASM could compile the correct LAT/LON.At any rate, the Gainsville VOR for FS2002 is now in the correct location. I made a new database for NAV3.1 and I am happy again.Lastly, this is the first time I actually found a NAVAID in the wrong place. I have seen other posters complain about missing/misplaced NAVAIDs and I gave it little thought. BTW, FS2004 has the Gainsville VOR in the correct location. FS2002 also has a bogus Waypoint labelled GNV, in the location that they had the VOR.So that is why I say mind your P's n Q's or your n!!W. Sieffert

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