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Hello Harry,Congratulations on making your scenery.Let's see: if you still see shorelines, then they have not been excluded. Please check this by selecting the Exclude function ("X" icon) and clicking in each Aera where the shoreline still appears. Shorelines are layer number 8 and should have a check mark in order to be excluded.If your islands do not show, this has nothing to do with the direction in wwhich you draw your polygon. Polygons can be drawn any which way - you only need to pay attention to this factor when drawing shorelines because those textures have a land side and a water side. Your islands are not visible most probably because they are on a layer UNDER the water polygon layer. Just give the islands a higher layer number to solve this.Ground2K4 should automatically break up your polygons if you exceed the number of points allowed for polygons. Do not worry about this too much. If you get an error message, simply break up your single polygon into multiple polygons.Finally, Ground2K4 handles all transitions between LOD boundaries automatically. Draw polygons as large as you want and have them cross all grid boundaries that you find without worries.Best regards.Luis

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