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ESDG Hanger - I Give Up!

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Just as soon as I try to assign a single material back the the ESDG Hanger, GMax refuses to export any longer:Assertion failed: file .SceneGraph.cpp, line 646 (m_uBGLMatrixIndex != 0)I think I'll just leave the hanger the way it's been working, using the FS2k2 MakeMDL and FS2k2 CAT program.Folks are just going to have to use it the way it is. I've wasted two entire days plus too much of Arno's and Nick's time trying to resolve the myriad issues with converting this WORKING project over to FS9's XML system... :(I would have been nice to have it working with Rwny12 Object Placer, but enough is enough... :)

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