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Hi there, have downloaded Roger Mole's scenery restoration of the great approach at Hong Kong's old Kai Tak airport. frame rates around the airport are pretty bad, and it's not my computer. The rest of the region is fine, only near the airport does it start to jerk all over the place.Roger says it's always been a problem. He says it really needs to be remade with GMax.Can anyone suggest a fix, or is there a more recent Kai Tak scenery out there? Cheers. Leigh.

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Hello Leigh,It is hard to say without having the scenery, but the single most important cause of stuttering and low frame rates is large high-resolution textures, and many of them.Perhaps you could take a look at the texture folder for that package. If there are many textures with dimensions of 1024 x 1024 pixels, and if they are not in DXT format, then you will have probably found the problem.To remedy this, simply re-size the textures (for example to a fourth the size, 512 x 512) and convert to DXT1 format using Microsoft Image Tool or Martin Wright's DXTBmp.Best regards.Luis

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