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Effects Controller type=1 and random count...?

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Hi all! Been playing with the random effects controller (type=1), but I'm getting many more of the effects showing than I should be, and I'm sure I've got something wrong:I've been reading the SDK and it's really not clear. It says in the type description: "Type=1 is the Random controller. This type works together with the [Random count] parameter described below. The controller takes the random count value that is generated and uses it to determine how many effects in the list to play. Each time through the list of effects, it selects a new random batch." In the parameter description it says: "The [Random Count] parameter picks a random value between the min/max values (in whole numbers) and then randomly chooses that number of effects to step through."If got this in my fx file (just the important parts):Random count=1,1Effect.0=fx_real...Effect.1=fx_dummy...Effect.2=fx_dummy...Effect.3=fx_dummy...So, what should be the chance that effect.0 (fx_real) will be displayed?The first statement implies that it will pick a random batch of effects to play - such that any one should have an equal chance of playing, however the second statement implies that it will step through the list of effects, meaning Effect.0 will always play. This clearly affects how one should define the min/max of the random count parameter. If I wanted a 25% chance of seeing fx_real, and I set random count=1,1 would it actually show 100% of the time because it's first on the list, or would it show 25% as expected. My experience has been a bit of a paradox - with my effect controller set up like this (four effect entries, and a random of 1) I get ~90% incidence of the effect displaying, not 25%...what else might affect the display of the effect? I should say that the effect is a static sprite. The controller lifetime is set to 0.02 seconds, so it should be called just once, right?Thanks for any tips!Best,sg

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