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A little help here....Is this a scerery issue?

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Hi, hope someone can help me out here....I've been flying around Scandanavia allot lately (Norway, Sweden and Finland) and have downlaoded a number of sceneries for the are: As many Swedish airports as I can find, most all the posted Findland airports along with FinnClass, Fin Terrain, the FISD_Library, Scan Mesh, and the Norway_Airport files. I'm also running the FEGenisis mesh that 'touches' the southern boundries of Sweden and Noraway. In addition, I have installed a number of Denmark airport sceneries. In addition, I have included some AFCAD files within the scenery files.For the most part most my flying has been between Norway and Sweden, but have made one stop in Finland at Ivalo on my way back south...But here is my problem...After saving a flight plan (in this area) and loading it, many times FS is 'freezing' right at the end of loading (screen goes black, and the curser keeps spinning a nice hourglasss). There is nothing much I can do except quit FS and reload via the main set-up/start page, picking the Cessna 172 along with my flight plan, then changing to my aircraft...typically either the Eaglesoft Cirrus (great plane), or the Dreamflight Bonanza A36. I also run ActiveSky.A couple times I have recieved this message:'zugriffsverletzung bei adresse ZODCFE9EN modul PANELS.DLL schreiben von adresse 00000944'I 'babble fished' that to mean:'access injury in address ZODCFE9EN module PANELS.DLL letter of address 00000944'As that message is in a 'germantic' language I am assuming that this problem may be one of the scenery files I have downloaded and installed. I am American and have an english language version of, I assume this isn't a fault message from my MSFS program.But why the PANELS.DLL file? That has me a bit perplexed.I have noticed that whenever I fly within the Norway scenery, I am not able to recognize the VOR's when scrolling through the 'nearest' tool in my GPS. I have no idea if these things are connected or not. I just flew from Fronson to Sunsvall to Umea (in Sweden) and my VOR's showed up again. That said, I can vector to any VOR in Norway without a problem, I just can't seem to scan them in the GPS. I just don't know, I started having the problem in Ivalo when I loaded a 'saved flight' file there on my way back to Norway.Long winded, sorry, but does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? Perhaps it isn't a scenery issue at all? Should I replace my PANELS.DLL file? Other than that, I am really enjoying flying these areas, there are some really nicely done airport and 'landclass' sceneries I have used thus far.Thanks in advance.

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