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  1. That should do it. If I were you, I would simply change the .bgl's you do not want to use to ENCNXX.bgl.BAKThat way they will always be there if you want to re-activate them by removing the '.BAK' at the end of the file.Great scenery package isn't it?
  2. After reading through that thread, I tried giving the 'panel.bmp' a solid black alpha, and save it as DXT3 texture, and I have the VC panel with operable gauges, but I cannot operate the radios, nor the heading 'bug'....but much better than what is was....I'm going to keep playing with this and see if I can't get everything operational again....not sure how successful I'll be.
  3. Only glitch? You got my hopes up, but all the gauges are inoperable in the VC.
  4. How would you like to be a passenger on that flight?Can just imagine....Captain: 'ooops, sorry bout that, we are going to circle and try that again'...:D
  5. You are correct about a key not being required if you purchase directly through Shockwave. I checked, and I received an email with a link to the download which was only suppose to be active for 72 hours. Whenever I purchase something like this (or anything I purchase actually) I always make triplicate back-ups of my keys and/or download .exe/zip file for safe keeping.
  6. I just purchased (a few days ago) their P-51 Mustang (a great aircraft BTW) and received my key immediately.
  7. I did the same thing about 3-4 years ago, and Norway has become one my all time favorite places to fly. Get over to the coast (I usually start at Bergen Flesland and skip along the shore north to Alta, or similar), then find new airports along the way as I turn around and return.Hopefully you have Ultimate Terrain, and a good mesh, and in addition, there is an freeware airport collection called 'Norway Airports' that is one of the best freeware scenery sets you will find (Finland also has some great freeware scenery).Go to this site for that scenery:http://www.fsnordic.net/I'm flying Norway right now also....Have fun.
  8. I have 4GB in XP, (running with the 3GB boot.ini switch), and last time I checked I was using about 1.75-2.0GB of RAM, depending. As I am running 4GB in XP, my computer OS only recognizes 3.17GB instead of the full 4.
  9. Very nice aircraft. I recommend it.
  10. Yes, it is available for both FS9 and FSX. I use it in FSX and highly recommend it, though not highly complex in terms of system functionality. Fun aircraft, and easy to just jump in and fly.
  11. Peter, that Samedan approach is one of my most memorable landings I ever made in FS, with fairly dense cloud cover, following the terminal procedure by the book, and not getting visibility of the threshold until about 8-1,000 ft. Then I had to correct in order to get lined-up for the non-precision very very quickly.I can only imagine what it would be like in real life, but I can tell you, even though it was FS, my adrenaline was pumping as well. ;) Very intense.Thanks for sharing.
  12. Yep. I could be wrong, but, I bet there is a good probability that FS could become a console platform within the next 5-10 years, or be dropped my MS completely.I don't have a 'gaming console', and it is highly improbable that I will ever have one, so if that would happen to FS, the last pc version will be the last I will use.
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