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  1. Well, that is too bad about Don's forum being down. I haven't visited lately.When you say the Kodiak was 'working perfectly', did you have the FS2x G1000's working, then suddenly they didn't? Or are you stating the Kodiak never woked with the FS2x units installed?I have never had an issue, so I may not be much help.The only email I have for Don is: fs2xcoma@fs2x.com
  2. Man, this just plain stinks.I use Voyager (freeware and payware real world planner) with incorporated plates and scanned VFR charts, so will always have those to back-up with, in addition to a complete old set(s) zipped up in storage.Our tax money at work.....or not.Most all Countries have gone to free downloadable charts and plates, so the U.S. seems to be taking a different approach (pun intended) to most others...unless the others follow suite.
  3. Kenneth Kerr's DC-3 (an 'airliner' in its day) add-on for FS5....I believe. Still have the original install disc's and packaging.I believe Ken was one of the first to offer payware add-ons for FS, and it was quite controversial 'in the day'.
  4. Are you speaking of the 'optional patch'?
  5. Cannot disagree with many of the one's already mentioned...glad to see the Viking got a vote....but another great 'long flight single' is the Eaglesoft Cirrus SR22 Turbo. I have an RXP 430 utilized in the #1 slot.
  6. Hey Jim, or anyone else, Just purchased this program, and am playing around with various shader mods to enhance shadows,, light, and 'fog' values. Any idea if these will be changed if/when I install a weather/conditions generated 'Graphics Snapshot' following my briefing/report? Thanks in advance Brian EDIT: Just installed an ASE snapshot, and yes, it looks like if I install my Shader mod, it will be over-written by the generated ASE 'snapshot'. Drats. I do like the extra punch I can give the shadows, but there is no way to only select one (light,shadow,fog) from the program, thus all three get changed, and I do like how ASE modifies these others per the weather condition sets.
  7. I'm roughly around 300 GB myself, most my free third party add-on scenery, misc. utilities/programs, and a back-up of a zipped up 'virgin' FSX install, on a second partition.
  8. I just want to make one clarification. I misspoke, as the Cirrus standby instruments do not contain a VOR, so you would have to pick one of the three for replacement. Ron: Jean-Luc does not seem to be around much, and his involvement on the 'unofficial RXP' forum seems to become less and less over the last year or so, so I'm not sure what that means. Hope you and your family are doing well.
  9. Ron is obviously correct, as he should know a thing or two about this great aircraft. I suggest keeping the ES 55X (you don't need the RXP 55X version to implement the RXP 430 WAAS function), and if you really want to utilize the WAAS via the RXP 430, replace the standby VOR on the panel with the RXP unit, and use that for guidance on approach, as I do not believe you get it to show on the Avidyne....but to be honest, I can't remember if I ever tried to used the WAAS function with the SR22 Turbo, or 22, or 20....maybe I'll check it out this weekend. I believe Bert made the VOR switch, but am not sure.
  10. Just read about this. I am shocked and saddened. My deepest sympathies to his family and friends, including all of us with the FS community. God Speed David.
  11. Wow. Sad indeed.Payers to his family and friends.
  12. I'm sure Bert will hook you up.As an alternative, I use a third party G1000 by FS2X you might consider now, or down the road. There is a version (within the package) specifically designed for Kodiak users, which I use. Great combination.http://www.fs2x.com/G1000%20Web%20Page.htm
  13. It's a steal at $13. Practically a 'no brainer'.
  14. Agreed, the Kodiak is great, but I also really like the new Aerospool Dynamic, and the Bellanca Viking is one of my all-time favorites. The Tailwind is a lot of fun, and I also have the Skylark, but need to put more seat time in it....very neat aircraft as well.Pretty much cannot go wrong with Bill and Co.'s stuff, it just depends what kind of flying you like to do.
  15. Enjoy that Dynamic. I've been flying it a lot lately, and really enjoy her.
  16. Couple come to mind:Eaglesoft's Liberty XLAnt's Tecnam P2002Lionheart's Aerospool Dynamic (fairly new release), which basically is the Piper Sport. Or should say, was, as Piper has already dropped the aircrfat from its line.
  17. Since you have the RealAir Scout, the most obvious choice for cross country and great 'flight modeling' might be the RealAir SF260. No GPS in the panel, but fully IFR equipped. Quite quick as well.
  18. For the RXP integration?It has worked more often than not, but there have been a couple instances thus far when the G/S was not picked up, and I was 'at the numbers within' the approach plates.I re-checked my RXP set-up and double checked everything.
  19. MAAM's Stearman N2S-1....although I'm not sure how 'near' it is...but hopeful. :(
  20. Gotta add, I really like this aircraft. Such an improvement over the old version that was a favorite many moons ago.Couple small issues, or maybe not.1) My oil pressure gauge is consistently above the green zone. Anyone know if this is normal? Never goes to red, but always about 1/4 over green.2)I have mixed feelings about not being able to swap out some of the other gauges. Caraenado has done a great job improving their overall 3D gauges, but there are some things I really desire in terms of functionality; Such as the ability to adjust the TAS card on the ASI. I've swapped out more than one Caraenado (and most all other developers) ASI gauge to achieve having this feature with the RXP version, even though I like the looks of the Carenado gauge, I desire that realism.Similarly I've always swapped out the ADF gauges on most every aircrfat I have with the RXP version simply because the RXP gauge provides a more realistic display by 'dipping' from external influences. After you use it, it is hard to get used to the 'locked-in' action of the needle of most all the others. But this is not major.And finally, it would be nice if the Garmin GTX transponder worked more realistically, but again, this is not a biggie overall.3) I also feel like this aircraft floats a bit on landing, but as the comments above, not sure if this is realistic or not.But, all in all, this things handles great, feels right, looks great, and is a great touring aircraft for both VFR and IFR use. Been checking on most all my flights (via the info provided by the RXP 530) and this aircraft really flies very very close to the numbers per the performance charts.Great job overall.
  21. I just bought it, got a receipt, but now the link to the download and web site is down.Rats.....EDIT....back in and downloading
  22. Yes, I did at one time, but if I remember correctly, it did not work well with the combinations of other add-ons I have. I still have in on the hard drive, just 'switched-off' in FSX.
  23. UTX, GEX, and Cloud9's landclass for most all areas, with SceneryTech as a 'back-up'. SceneryTech does a better job in a few areas, like the very northern areas of Norway, as one example.I also installed FS Genesis mesh long ago, and almost forgot about that as well.
  24. You can always re-download the aircraft package using the F1 wrapper 'key' you obtain after purchase. This is how updates are done via the F1 wrapper. If you go beyond a certain number of downloads for a particular product, you can reactivate your key quite easily on-line. It only take a couple of minutes.
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