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  1. FYI, I have that exact same issue. Looks like a tear in different places. Haven
  2. The NW parts of Norway is spectacular with its fjords along the Atlantic.
  3. I used it a few years back. It was, and to the best of my knowledge is, the only sim flight planner that provided Equal Time Points based on various rules. I had trouble then finding information about how to make proper use of that, and other features. At that time the real world weather service was bought on a yearly subscription.My feeling is that FOC is rather good at trying to simulate a real world dispatch software. The documentation was then poor and did not cover everything that the program could do.Would I recommend it? I still use FSBuild, FOC has been long since shelved.
  4. Same general speed restriction is valid in Europe, but I haven
  5. Way to go! Another step forward for you will be when you shot a fully manual ILS approach and landing. Always nice to have new goals.
  6. Just to add to that, the bank limiter only works in HDG mode, i.e. not when in LNAV.
  7. Kirk, in the book/manual I mention which describes various FMC models for the 757/767, 747 and 777 it doesn
  8. Just an observation, the vertical mod is VNAV PTH, shouldn
  9. I think you need to make the changes you like, then save that situation and check the box that makes it the default flight.
  10. Indeed it is, as demonstrated yet again in this thread. :)
  11. Hmm, wonder why PMDG and other developers tend to not say anything about release dates...Oh well, back to life.
  12. Or stick around here until someone gives an answer to your question, one way or another.What Ray says is true, if you fancy bombs AND explosions, MSFS isn
  13. If you have Radar Contact there are a number of tutorial scenarios which will teach you all you need to know about the different types of approaches and departures and wether you need to add waypoints or not. Not trying to be mean, just want to point you to good info instead of repeating it here. :)
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